Meet Shawn Hayes – AMP’s New Motorsports Director

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Atlanta Motorsports Park has been a hub of adrenaline-fueled excitement and exclusive driving experiences for its members. Recently, the park appointed Shawn Hayes as its Motorsports Director, a significant move that brings back an individual who has a deep connection to the track and a wealth of expertise in the world of motorsports.

Shawn Hayes’ journey with Atlanta Motorsports Park began over a decade ago when he served as the park’s first-ever intern. Working directly under Jeremy, the founder of AMP, during the track’s construction phase, Shawn had the unique opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the facility’s development. From assisting with membership and marketing to conducting site tours, Hayes became very familiar with the inner workings of the park. He likes to refer to himself as “AMP’s first driving instructor,”  as he taught members how to drive the track while it was still under construction. Hayes also sold our events director, Alicia Massie, her membership to the track.

Having obtained a degree in risk management and insurance from the University of Georgia, Shawn Hayes went on to play a crucial role in auditing the track’s safety standards, ensuring all aspects met the highest safety protocols. His early experiences at AMP laid the foundation for a career that would revolve around his passion for motorsports and driving coaching.

A true motorsport enthusiast and skilled instructor, Hayes has earned a reputation as a super technical coach. He has studied the science of driving coaching extensively and garnered high regard from many for his instructing skills. Throughout his career, Shawn has had the privilege of working with prestigious automotive brands such as Lexus, BMW, Lotus, and Porsche, contributing to their driving schools as a valuable asset.

Over the years, Hayes has amassed a diverse coaching portfolio, having provided his expertise to a range of individuals, including famous celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Farah, and Will Smith. Hayes also has a lot of repeat customers, some of them using his services for over 8 years. His dedication to the craft and the success of his students has brought him recognition and respect within the industry. 

After a successful stint as a coach for Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta in 2014, Shawn expanded his horizons and played a significant role in opening and managing a new experience center in Los Angeles. Despite the success he achieved on the West Coast, the allure of returning to Georgia, where his roots lie, eventually brought him back to Atlanta in 2022.

With his return to the state, AMP’s founder, Jeremy, quickly noticed and reached out to Hayes. Given Shawn’s extensive experience as a member himself, having been a platinum member for over ten years, and his passion for the concept of a private track, he seemed like the ideal fit for the position of Motorsports Director.

In his role as Motorsports Director, Shawn Hayes envisions offering members a personal touch and the resources needed to enhance their driving experiences. He aims to foster a strong member community by encouraging a strong member mentality and helping them progress in their driving journey. Hayes mentions “I want to help members lay out a vision of where they want to go with their driving.” He also aspires to facilitate members’ participation in competitive races and maximize the benefits of the resources and amazing racing series offered at the park. 

Hayes places a great emphasis on customer service, and he aims to be a resource to assist members in developing their driving vision. Given his long-standing relationship with the track, Hayes has a unique perspective on AMP’s growth and development. From witnessing its transformation from a muddy construction site to the fully-fledged motorsports facility it is today, Shawn’s journey with AMP has been nothing short of inspiring.

When asked about his favorite track, Shawn promptly mentions the Nürburgring. As for cars, he has a soft spot for Porsches and Corvettes, showcasing his appreciation for speed and precision. His daily driver, a  Porsche Cayenne S on all terrain tires, balances practicality with performance.

As a true motorsport enthusiast, Shawn Hayes also indulges in his own project cars, with his S13 drift car currently under construction. His racing pursuits don’t end with cars; he is also a proud owner of a Ligier JS49CN, a testament to his passion for diverse motorsport experiences.

Beyond the track, Shawn has a variety of interests, including software engineering, and enjoying a glass of El Cristiano Extra Anejo, his favorite drink. As a sim-racing aficionado, he leans towards iRacing over Assetto Corsa. When asked to pick between Ferrari and Lamborghini, he favors the prancing horse, showcasing his appreciation for Italian automotive engineering.

In the motorsport world, fierce rivalries often fuel intense debates, and Hayes doesn’t shy away from sharing his preferences. He chooses Max Verstappen over Lewis Hamilton, and when it comes to driving styles, he prefers the concept of a fast car driven slowly, savoring the performance and engineering that goes into such vehicles. “Why drive a slow car to its’ fullest potential, when you could have a fast car and learn how to push it to its’ limits” Hayes mentions.

While his career and motorsport passions have taken him across the country, Shawn Hayes found comfort in settling down and recently purchased a house in East Cobb County. As a pet lover, he also has a rescue cat that hails all the way from Hermosa Beach, California, adding a touch of coastal flair to his life.

In conclusion, Atlanta Motorsports Park’s decision to appoint Shawn Hayes as the Motorsports Director is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and passion for the motorsport community. His deep connection to the track, combined with his years of experience in instructing and coaching, will undoubtedly lead AMP to greater heights. With Hayes at the helm, members can expect an exceptional driving experience and a strong community spirit that will make Atlanta Motorsports Park an even more sought-after destination for motorsport enthusiasts in the years to come.


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