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I love being a member at Atlanta Motorsports Park. I show up and drive when I feel like it, get some work done, have a few laughs with friends and go back out and rip it up at my own pace. Jeremy and the fine people at AMP have created a little piece of driving heaven.”

– Jon Baker, Member since 2012

A Country Club as Unique as Its Members

Belong to one of America’s most exciting motorsports communities. 

Atlanta Motorsports Park is the first green, sustainable country club of its time for high performance cars, motorcycles, and karts. Our two Formula One designed circuits provide a place where members can legally drive their cars fast in a controlled environment while sharing their passion with like minded-motorsports enthusiasts. By combining exclusive events with extensive track time and luxurious amenities, AMP provides access to a whole new lifestyle to be enjoyed by friends, family, and clients.

Car & Motorcycle Membership

Imagine driving your sports car or motorcycle down two miles of premium winding asphalt built to F1 standard. Find total freedom to drive your vehicle entirely on your own terms.

Karting Membership

Whether you’re a kart racing aficionado or you just want to sate your passion for driving, a kart membership at Atlanta Motorsports Park provides you with access to the finest karting facility in America.

Never Been On A Road Course? No Problem!

Our expert driver development programs give novice drivers all the skills they need to take their car or kart out on the track. More than 75% of our members have no prior experience driving on a track. Mostly sports car enthusiasts yearning to experience the freedom of driving their vehicle to the limit.  Spend a day with a private instructor and learn:

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Luxury Condos

Be one of the first people to join AMP’s new exclusive club of track side condo owners. Drive, relax and entertain guests like never before with great views and personal comforts from your own living space. Enjoy access to AMP’s clubhouse and conference centre, resort style pool/hot tub, water slide, fitness centre, outdoor kitchen and putting green! Own the Ultimate Trophy Case™ for people who have the hardware and want a place to show it off.

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