Taste of AMP

Want to Take an AMP Membership Out For a Test Drive?

If Atlanta Motorsports Park answers the question, “Why buy a fast car that you can’t drive fast?”, then Taste of AMP hints at the greatness of having a membership. You provide the fast car and AMP provides the opportunity to enjoy its supreme engineering on our unique Formula 1 circuit designed by Herman Tilke.

This 1/2 day program starts with circuit orientation with our professional driving instructor in our state-of-the art classroom, then your new-found knowledge transitions onto our circuit. Driving on circuit, you will become familiar with AMP’s turns and cambers.  Become a natural in AMP’s high octane environment. No police, no tickets, just you and your car.

Perfect for novices, potential members and drivers of all abilities, this unforgettable day at Atlanta Motorsports Park prepares you for the motorsports lifestyle at Atlanta Motorsports Park.