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Does your child have what it takes to be a Kart Racer?

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What is the Junior Discovery Program?

This academy is located at the Country Club at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP). Within the AMP complex is the Pro Kart Track designed by Hermann Tilke the famed F1 Track designer from Berlin. The AMP kart track is known throughout the world as one of the most unique and nicest kart tracks built to date. This program is designed for younger kids interested in learning more about karting. This could be a child that wants to race karts or just enjoy the sport with other siblings or parents driving karts as a family. The age range for this program is children 5 to 12 years old. We have designed the program to be very quick moving, and fun so that we can keep your child entertained and not lose their interest. We pack hours of training in a short window so be ready, it's quick by design, it’s fun and the kids will have a blast.

jr discovery2 - Junior Discovery Experience
trent kid fist bump - Junior Discovery Experience

The program lasts approximately 2.5 hours. This inexpensive stepping stone will help the parents get a barometer on the child’s interest level in the sport of kart racing. If/when that happens, the kids can take a half/full day kart racing school, private one on one instruction, or jump in and purchase a kart. We sell, maintain, store karts on site so you would never have to do anything for you or your family, just watch or drive with them!

In this program, your child will be introduced to basic safety knowledge, kart overview, intro to driving around a cone course, then lead follow on the race track beginner loop, and then open lapping on the same loop.

helmet2 - Junior Discovery Experience
kart track green drop - Junior Discovery Experience
karter 2d green - Junior Discovery Experience

Program FAQ


Kids wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. We will provide racing suits, helmets, and gloves. The kids need to wear tennis shoes, NOT opened toe shoes. Also, we encourage you to take lots of pictures!

What is Provided?

Kart ready to race, helmet, racing suit, basic snacks, and water.

How much does the program cost?

The program is approximately 2.5 hours long and costs $199. This program is designed to give back to the young generation and is not one we make a profit on even when fully booked. We do this to help these children and provide them with an entry point into motorsports.

Where is the program located?

It is located at the Pro-Kart Track at Atlanta Motorsports Park, 20 Duck Thurmond Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534. 678-381-8527. Once you arrive at the gate, you will check in a waiver. Please note, only the parent or legal guardian can sign a waiver. (If you are bringing a child that you are not the legal guardian you will need the parents to sign the waiver located here. From the gate, go straight to the racing kart track, ask the guard how to get there. Directions from the gate: turn immediately right after the gate, the road will dead end, follow it to the left. Make your next left BEFORE the guardrail and follow the access road along the car race track to the kart track. Park at the lower parking lot (Paddock) You will see a tent set up next to the race track fence line. This will be your registration point and check-in. The entire program will happen in this area, as well as the lower part of the race track.

Rain Policy

We will run the program in light rain situations. Please call no later than 3 hours before if rain is in the forecast to check if the program is still running. We will reschedule and not refund the fee for the program because the rain is too heavy.

Late Arrival Policy

DO NOT BE LATE. Use Waze to ensure being on time and build in an extra 30 to 45 minutes. WE ARE ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE AND WILL START THE PROGRAM WITHOUT YOU. WE MOVE FROM MODULE TO MODULE QUICKLY AND THE STAFF FOLLOWS SO THEY WILL MISS THE FUNDAMENTALS THEY NEED TO DRIVE. If you are late, we will do our best to get you caught up. If more than 30 minutes late, you must reschedule and there will be a $75.00 charge for rescheduling. We have limited spots, and this program is a loss leader for us so there is no profit even when fully booked. This is our commitment to the younger generation and growing them. If running late: Please call 678-381-8526, ask for the kart track, and tell them the registrars name and what time you will be there or if you need to reschedule, ask them to radio the program lead to get a pulse on the timing. 

Do you have schools for kids older than 11?

Yes! AMP is an ecosystem for driver development. No matter where you are at on the racing ladder, AMP has an academy for you. Check out our School Calendar for all upcoming racing schools.

For teen defensive driving please visit DriveStrong Atlanta.

Meet Raiden Nicol

& His Dad

At only 12 years old and with the help of his Crew Chief and father Ryan, Raiden is one of the most dominant drivers in the AMP Kart Racing Championship Series. Watch what it takes for Raiden and his Dad to perform at the highest levels in junior kart racing.

Track Conditions

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Welcome Trophy & Diamond Members Tuesday, September 26th!

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