Atlanta Motorsports Park Accelerates into a Bright Future with Unprecedented Zoning Approvals

Zoning Approvals

DAWSONVILLE, GA., Sep. 21, 2023 – Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is thrilled to announce a series of landmark zoning approvals granted by the city of Dawsonville, paving the way for an exhilarating expansion that promises to offer even more heart-pounding experiences for motorsports enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Building upon a legacy of providing a world-class motorsports destination, these approvals come in recognition of AMP’s explosive growth and unwavering commitment to bringing unrivaled experiences to the Dawsonville community.

Here’s a look at what motorsports aficionados, adventure seekers, and Dawsonville visitors can anticipate:

  • Clear Racing Action Announcements: With the green light given to our state-of-the-art PA system, guests can expect rich and clear sounds enhancing the adrenaline-pumping racing environment.
  • Enhanced Parking Facilities: To facilitate our growing number of visitors, we have secured approvals for the construction of three parking decks, ensuring ample parking space and a seamless visiting experience. This future expansion will allow triple the parking but moreover, parking in the shade from the Georgia heat!
  • Track Side Cottages: A nod to luxury and convenience, the 46 approved 3 story trackside cottages will offer cozy, comfortable, and on-site accommodations for visitors, enhancing the race-day experience to unprecedented levels. The front will have the car/motorcycle track views and the rear will have the kart track and Amicalola Falls mountain range views!
  • Signage on Highway 53: With permission to add a second sign on Highway 53, AMP aims to enhance its visibility, allowing enthusiasts and new visitors easy location and accessibility to the world of speed and excitement that awaits at AMP.
  • Unlimited Sound for Select Events: Taking the exhilaration a notch higher, AMP now has the ability to apply for unlimited sound on an event basis so that true races can compete at AMP.
  • Trackside Condos: A monumental addition of 200 trackside condos has also been approved, set to provide unparalleled views and modern living amenities right in the heart of the action.

Jeremy Porter, CEO of Atlanta Motorsports Park, expressed his excitement, stating, “These approvals mark a pivotal milestone in our journey. They not only speak volumes about what we have achieved so far but paint a vibrant picture of the heights we aim to reach. Our promise is to create a motorsport park that is a beacon of thrill, luxury, and excitement, and these developments take us several leaps closer to fulfilling that promise.”

As AMP gears up to implement these enhancements, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Dawsonville city authorities for their trust and approval, and to our steadfast community for their unwavering support.

Stay tuned for more updates as we steer towards a future revved with unbounded possibilities, inviting one and all to “Experience the Thrill” that is uniquely Atlanta Motorsports Park.

About Atlanta Motorsports Park

Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is the first green, sustainable motorsports country club of its kind for high performance cars, motorcycles and karts. In addition to providing a driver’s haven for its members, Atlanta Motorsports Park offers private track rentals, corporate group options as well as the world’s most unique kart track. 

Since its inception in 2012, AMP’s mission has been to make motorsports accessible in an environment that offers unmatched hospitality, world-class amenities and two of the most technically challenging race circuits in the USA. 

Its main road circuit is a two mile long road course that was designed by Formula One track architect Hermann Tilke. It was also voted a top 10 track in North America by ‘Road and Track Magazine’. Built to the CIK Level A/1 standard and featuring more elevation changes than any kart track in the world, AMP’s kart circuit provides an unparalleled training base for professional racers as well as total novices. Thanks to its unique kart and road racing facilities, AMP provides a training proving ground and ladder to motorsports like no other venue in the USA. 

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