Drive Strong Atlanta Adds New Fleet and New Lessons [Video]

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Drive strong Atlanta is Georgia’s premier defensive driving school for teenagers. This week, the Drive Strong family just got bolstered a little more with the delivery of our brand new fleet of BMW’s. These vehicles were donated to us by BMW as part of their efforts to give back to local communities. Drive Strong is a full 501C3 non-profit business and donations like this, coupled with track access from the Atlanta Motorsports Park, is how the Drive Strong program is able to offer such comprehensive instruction at such a low cost. One day driving school’s are only $295 per driver.

2018-07-10 Corp-1286

One of the perks of having a Teen Driving School at a race track is all the space available to safely and responsibly practice dangerous driving scenario’s. The skid pad at AMP has always been the highlight for most students along with the auto cross course our instructors set up in the paddock. New for this years course, we are now allowing students onto the main track to practice stopping and collision avoidance at highway speeds. We are the only teen driving school that offers this type of instruction, and is included in the normal full day driving school. Watch the video clip below to see how our first class to try this new instruction did.