CEO Jeremy Porter Showcases Tesla Model 3 Ascension R on VINwiki YouTube Channel

In a groundbreaking showcase that captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, CEO Jeremy Porter took center stage on the VINwiki YouTube channel, introducing viewers to a marvel of electric vehicle (EV) engineering: the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R. VINwiki, an Atlanta-based platform renowned for sharing the most intriguing automotive stories, provided the perfect backdrop for unveiling this exceptional vehicle. Modified by Unplugged Performance, the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R stands as a testament to the extraordinary potential of electric vehicles in the realm of high-performance racing.

The Tesla Model 3 Ascension R, built by Unplugged Performance, redefines the capabilities of electric vehicles. With significant modifications aimed at enhancing its performance, this Tesla Model 3 has shattered preconceived notions about EVs. Jeremy Porter vividly described the meticulous effort invested by Unplugged Performance to elevate the car’s performance, enabling it to outpace a Porsche 911 GT3RS by three seconds on the track. This achievement not only showcases the car’s superior acceleration and handling but also highlights the viability of electric vehicles in competing against traditional gasoline-powered race cars.

Porter’s appearance on the VINwiki channel goes beyond showcasing a modified vehicle; it represents a pivotal moment in challenging the stereotypes surrounding electric vehicles. By demonstrating that electric vehicles can indeed match, if not surpass, the speed and performance of their gasoline counterparts, Porter has ignited a conversation about the future of racing. His advocacy for electric vehicles underscores a transformative vision for the automotive industry, where speed and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

A significant part of the showcase was dedicated to discussing the partnership between AMP, Indigo Energy, and Autel. This collaboration has led to the installation of five Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast Level 3 Chargers at the track, marking a significant milestone in making motorsports more accessible to electric vehicle owners. These chargers, capable of delivering up to 180kW of power, ensure that electric vehicles can enjoy rapid charging and minimal downtime, enhancing the racing experience for EV enthusiasts. Jeremy Porter’s vision is clear: to make AMP a leading figure in the integration of electric vehicles into the competitive world of racing.

Under Porter’s leadership, AMP has become one of the first racetracks designed with electric vehicles in mind. The installation of state-of-the-art charging infrastructure is a testament to AMP’s commitment to embracing the future of electric mobility. By providing a platform where electric vehicle owners can push their vehicles to the limit in a controlled environment, AMP is setting a new standard for racetracks worldwide.

Jeremy envisions a future where electric vehicles play a central role in motorsports. By showcasing the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R and implementing cutting-edge charging technology at AMP, Porter is paving the way for a more sustainable and electrified future in racing. His ambition is not just to keep pace with the evolving automotive landscape but to be at the forefront of this transformation, encouraging innovation and adoption of electric vehicles in competitive racing.

The feature on the VINwiki YouTube channel has not only put the spotlight on the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R but also amplified AMP’s dedication to promoting electric vehicles in motorsports. This exposure is instrumental in shifting public perception, illustrating that electric vehicles can deliver thrilling performance on the racetrack. Porter’s message is clear: the era of electric vehicles in racing has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

Porter’s showcase of the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R on the VINwiki YouTube channel marks a significant milestone in the journey of electric vehicles in the realm of high-performance racing. Through this initiative, Porter and AMP are not only demonstrating the prowess of electric vehicles but are also leading by example.


Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is the first green, sustainable motorsports country club of its kind for high performance cars, motorcycles and karts. In addition to providing a driver’s haven for its members, Atlanta Motorsports Park offers private track rentals, corporate group options as well as the world’s most unique kart track. 

Since its inception in 2012, AMP’s mission has been to make motorsports accessible in an environment that offers unmatched hospitality, world-class amenities and two of the most technically challenging race circuits in the USA. 

Its main road circuit is a two mile long road course that was designed by Formula One track architect Hermann Tilke. It was also voted a top 10 track in North America by ‘Road and Track Magazine’. Built to the CIK Level A/1 standard and featuring more elevation changes than any kart track in the world, AMP’s kart circuit provides an unparalleled training base for professional racers as well as total novices. Thanks to its unique kart and road racing facilities, AMP provides a training proving ground and ladder to motorsports like no other venue in the USA.