Atlanta Motorsports Park Debuts Impressive New Skidpad

Atlanta Motorsports Park is excited to announce that it has completed a total overhaul of its skidpad driver training facility. AMP, which offers one of the few formula one-style tracks in the southeast, has completely rebuilt its skidpad facility using the newest sprinkler technologies available. These sprinklers work in concert with the smooth surface and overall engineering to simulate extreme low-traction road conditions. The new configuration allows for full “figure 8” maneuvers to be performed, aiding drivers in learning to control their vehicle in tight turns where the back end tends to “drift.” Thanks to the top-of-the-line design and engineering of our newly remodeled skidpad, drivers can feel confident in low-traction conditions and even learn to master the art of guiding their vehicle through lengthy skids as well as tight turns.

The renovated skidpad is complete and ready for use. It boasts a state-of-the-art Evertz Hydrotechnik sprinkler system, imported directly from Germany. The sprinkler system in combination with the concrete surface and overall design of the facility serve to simulate the most-treacherous driving conditions drivers may encounter. Practicing on the pad empowers drivers to be prepared for conditions that may otherwise catch them by surprise. They can also learn to confidently control the back end of their vehicle through drifts, skids, and hairpin turns. The addition of a second circle (pictured below) at the bottom of the ice hill will allow drivers to participate in full figure 8 exercises. Through these exercises, drivers can develop continual dynamic control for both left-to-right and right-to-left movement. The surface has also been changed from asphalt to polished concrete, which provides a greater degree of control for more-consistent performance conditions. 

AMP CEO, Jeremy Porter, was exuberant during the reveal. He went into detail as to how the improvements add to Atlanta Motorsports Park’s driver development offerings as a whole. “The new renovations make our skidpad and ice hill one of the only in the country to offer the level of precision, excitement, and controlled exercises that drivers need to improve their dynamic control in tight corners and low-traction conditions. As a side benefit, being on the pad is an extreme, thrilling experience that would be nearly impossible to duplicate without high risk to your own health and safety in equivalent real-world conditions.” 

Jeremy added that he and the AMP driver development staff are excited to see how drivers put the new skidpad and other facilities to good use. All of AMP’s driver development options can now collectively make drivers more prepared for a variety of the toughest situations on the track.

This renovation elevates AMP’s facilities even further, creating a premier training ground for drivers of any skill level seeking to improve their racecraft and technical driving skills. AMP is home to the most extreme kart track in the world and a highly technical F1-style car track. The complex also boasts other amenities, including a resort-style pool and hot tub, putting green, fitness center, and trackside condos available for purchase. 

The improved skidpad will be used by on-site programs, such as the Drivestrong Teen Driving School and The Primal Racing School. Participants will benefit from additional options for hands-on instruction, helping them maximize their improvement throughout every aspect of the AMP course and others like it. The skidpad is also available for corporate events looking for unique team-building exercises, as well as other private engagements.

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