“Circuit Safari” New Attraction Coming Spring 2022

Inspired by the great racing circuits of Japan, Atlanta Motorsports Park is pleased to announce our newest attraction for 2022, The Circuit Safari! Why watch a race from behind the wall when you could be sitting on track next to your favorite driver? Circuit Safari’s will give fans the opportunity to purchase a seat on a Luxury Charter Bus that will drive on track during a live series race. “No other track in North America is providing an experience like this” said Jeremy Porter, CEO of Atlanta Motorsports Park. “Our goal is to put you right in the action, next to all the guys on track. We feel letting our drivers see fans waive at them from a bus window on track will only encourage more racing action and a better show for everyone.”

Ticket pricing and ride duration onboard the “MCI Ranger 1” are still to be announced. On February 29th, a small group of founding track members and race bloggers were selected for test rides during a special media day event. 

Local resident Lib Toille said, “Personally, the only thing that could have made it more exciting would be if they had let me drive the bus.” 

Popular car vlogger Eddy Bowline said, “There is no way that bus could make it from NewYork to LA in 28 hours and 50 minutes, but it could definitely make a few laps on track in that time.”

video. AMP Circuit Safari Media Day, 2022.

The Summer Championship Series is set to kick off April 30th. Due to expected high demand, Circuit Safari  tickets will be issued via lottery system. Fans can sign up for the lottery 1-week prior to a race and must have a confirmed ticket to the race.