AMP Launches New “Rookie to Racing” Driving Program

MemberRace January 9 300x200 - AMP Launches New "Rookie to Racing" Driving Program

Atlanta Motorsports Park is excited to announce the launch of a new three-phase program that will help drivers make the leap into racing. The comprehensive driver training package was designed by AMP’s Director of Driver Development Peyton Reeves in an effort to guide drivers through the path from track basics to being competition ready.

Rookie to Racing is perfect for those who are interested in the AMP Race Series, but are looking to gain more confidence out on the track before joining. Sufficient seat time will help you develop a rhythm on track. With the help of a professional instructor, you can chip away at your lap times. Before you know it, you will be enjoying wheel to wheel action.

MemberRace January 2 300x200 - AMP Launches New "Rookie to Racing" Driving Program


Step 1: AMP Car Control Program

A program designed for all levels of experience. Learn many important driving techniques such as threshold-breaking, track cornering, car-balance control oversteer and understeer.

This program will help you understand track driving performance and help you gain confidence behind the wheel.

What’s Included

Personalized Professional Instruction

Skid Control Training

Threshold Braking Drills

Advanced Cornering Exercises

On-Track Driver Training


Step 2: AMP Track Day Trainer

A program designed to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel and offer targeted evaluations.

It is important to establish smart driving habits behind the wheel. Repeat your newly acquired track craft by concentrating on quality track time and personalized on-track training.

What’s Included

Progressive Driver Development

Advanced Braking Instruction

Guidance Specific to your Car

Coaching Based on your needs

On-Track Repetition


Step 3: AMP Race Series Workout

This is when you get your first taste of a purpose-built race car. With the help of Racing Analytics, you will rent a Mazda Spec Miata for competition training and your first AMP Race Series Event.

It’s a true mental and physical racing workout. You will receive track time accompanied by a racing coach to prepare you for live action.

Racing Analytics will give you feedback on your performance and the car’s performance. If you are prepared enough for competition, you will be on the grid in the next AMP Race Series Event.

What’s Included

Spec Miata Rental for Five 20 Minute Sessions

Professional Driving Coach for Feedback and Race Prep

Entry into AMP Race Series Event

Spec Miata Rental for AMP Race Series Event


For more information, contact Peyton Reeves at [email protected]


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