Misfires, mayhem and laugh-a-minute fun



ChumpCar World Series, Saturday, October 29, 2016

What happens when you combine adrenaline pumping enduro racing with laugh-a-minute punkin chunkin? A whole lot of family fun!

AMP kicked off its inaugural Punkin Chunkin event this October 29 as guests brought their trebuchets from all over Atlanta to send pumpkins soaring into the sky (as well as into the trees as well and all over the ground :). Misfires and mayhem were all part of the fun on a day to remember, complete with haunted Halloween hunt, family-friendly Halloween drive-in movie, pumpkin decorating contest, costume prizes, bbq food trucks, and racer’s going all out by offering the costume-clad children candy from their decorated trunks on pit lane!

Mark your calendar for this event next year. Punkin Chunkin at AMP is definitely set to become your newest annual tradition!


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