Nonprofit DriveStrong Teams up With Dawson County Sheriff’s Office to Host “AMP’d Up” Event Encouraging Street Racers to “Take It to the Track!”

DAWSONVILLE, Ga, Apr. 3 2023 — Home to one of the world’s most exciting road tracks, DriveStrong partners with local law enforcement to promote safe practices on the road and develop driving performance on and off the track. The first “AMP’d Up” event starts April 29 at 5 PM.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) is working with local nonprofit DriveStrong to promote the message “Keep our roads safe by taking it to the track!” Starting in late April, the two organizations will host special event days at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) track, inviting attendees from 16 – 20.  to show off their driving skills in a safe, controlled environment. Events will feature live entertainment from DJs as well as contests and appearances by local influencers.

AMP’d Up — Take It to the Track aims to discourage street racing, “stunting”, and other dangerous driving behaviors on public roads by providing a safe venue for these activities. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that road crashes are a leading cause of death for people ages 16 – 20, and also that 1 in 3 fatal crashes across all ages involved speeding. Bringing high-speed driving into a controlled environment means people can enjoy the thrill inherent in motorsports within a space where the general public is not put at risk.

DCSO partnered with AMP’s own 501(c)(3) DriveStrong because of the organization’s ability to teach local youth real safe driving skills, both on and off the track. Founded seven years ago, the organization provides defensive driver training and advanced development opportunities for teens, teaching skills that go well beyond the typical driver’s ed curriculum.

“We know that cars and speed can be a way to have fun when there’s not much else available to keep youngsters entertained,” admits Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Matthew Blackstock. “What we’re doing with DriveStrong and Atlanta Motorsports Park is meeting kids in the middle. We’re saying ‘we get it,’ and so we’re putting on events that are going to be a big draw, someplace you can have your fun without putting yourself and other folks on the road at risk.'”

Attendees at AMP’d Up can hone their skills and develop driving abilities with activities ranging from track driving and burnouts.

DriveStrong CEO Donna Lanzillotti Lee expressed joy and excitement at being able to provide a venue to help young drivers thrive in an environment that celebrates their growing skills rather than discouraging their development.

“We are committed to providing a safe place for local car enthusiasts to drive, hang out and watch others having fun using their cars responsibly,” Lee emphasizes. “Our goal is to establish monthly AMP’d Up car events that are free to attend with space available for people to slide their cars and burnout their tires! These events will provide a forum for the community, local law enforcement, and other automotive influencers to come together while showcasing the proper avenues to get rowdy with their cars.”

The goal for DriveStrong, AMP, and DCSO is for people who would normally race on the streets to not only gain an outlet for their innermost driving desires but also a space where these skills are welcomed, receiving the encouragement they need to develop. Programs and materials created through the event can also form the basis for a broader public education effort regarding the dangers of reckless driving, as well as how enthusiasts can satisfy full-throttle urges within a safe environment.

AMP Chief of Operations Jan Stockbridge says she’s proud to be part of an initiative that provides a platform aimed at reducing road accidents related to racing, drifting, and other forms of dangerous driving. It’s all part of DriveStrong and AMP’s continued commitment to working with the youth in their community. 

Stockbridge’s hope is that young drivers can learn to embrace their skills in ways that help them excel competitively. Stockbridge says the program can challenge them with a definitive message: “If you’re serious about speed, then it’s time to get serious about racing.”

DriveStrong’s Lee and other organizers note, however, that the success of this program depends entirely on its ability to maintain reach and forge impactful partnerships across communities in the region.

“This mission takes more support than what the DCSO and AMP can provide,” said Lee. “We are working with local businesses, charities and encouraging everyone in the Dawson, Forsyth and Lumpkin County areas to participate by either attending, volunteering, or donating to the local 501(c)3 charities we are partnering with. We hope we can set an example for other counties in Georgia to follow.”

As the series continues, the goal is for other local venues, organizations, and entertainment providers can join in the efforts to keep the streets safe — while keeping young talent in the driver’s seat of a possible future racing career.

The first “AMP’d Up: Take it to the Track” car show is scheduled for April 29th from 6 PM to 9 PM and will include music, vendors, a car show, burnout/drift pit, and lead-follow laps on track with professional instructors.

AMP founder, owner, and operator Jeremy Porter, along with the entire AMP team, is eager for the event, with the CEO summing: “Through your support, we can teach our youth how to enjoy cars responsibly, while also keeping the streets safe and setting a good example for others to follow.”

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Rosalee Gaddis,

Marketing Manager, Atlanta Motorsport Park

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Background information:


Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is the first green, sustainable motorsports country club of its kind for high performance cars, motorcycles and karts. In addition to providing a driver’s haven for its members, Atlanta Motorsports Park offers private track rentals, corporate group options as well as the world’s most unique kart track. 

Since its inception in 2012, AMP’s mission has been to make motorsports accessible in an environment that offers unmatched hospitality, world-class amenities and two of the most technically challenging race circuits in the USA. 

Its main road circuit is a two mile long road course that was designed by Formula One track architect Hermann Tilke. It was also voted a top 10 track in North America by ‘Road and Track Magazine’. Built to the CIK Level A/1 standard and featuring more elevation changes than any kart track in the world, AMP’s kart circuit provides an unparalleled training base for professional racers as well as total novices. Thanks to its unique kart and road racing facilities, AMP provides a training proving ground and ladder to motorsports like no other venue in the USA.  


Based at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, DriveStrong teaches advanced driving maneuvers not covered during traditional Drivers Education. Leveraging Atlanta Motorsports Park’s state-of-the-art training facilities, DriveStrong students learn vital driving skills for life from professional instructors including wet weather, evasive and defensive handling skills as well as the dangers of distracted driving.

The school’s aim is to reduce deadly car crashes by providing a controlled setting where students gain invaluable experience in car control. This is all accomplished with a knowledgeable coach at their side helping them to understand how important experience is over guessing when the unexpected happens on the road.