New Tillotson 255RS Now Available at AMP Kart Store

Tilly kart on track media - New Tillotson 255RS Now Available at AMP Kart Store

Karting is notorious for being one of the most difficult sports and hobbies to get started in due to the price and complexity to get up and running. Renowned manufacturer, Tillotson, has eased these issues with the introduction of the new TPP-225RS.

This four-stroke motor from Tillotson addresses the concerns of karters around the world by improving performance and reliability while decreasing the weight of the engine. 

Tilly Kart media - New Tillotson 255RS Now Available at AMP Kart Store

Weighing 37lbs and producing 15 HP, the new Tillotson produces 50% more HP, and weighs five pounds less than its primary competitor, the LO206. In addition to the performance improvement, the decreased weight also makes the engine more fuel-efficient, meaning you can spend more time on track before having to stop for fuel.

The Tillotson TPP-225RS is able to achieve this high level of performance thanks to a strengthened crankcase and a large 72mm piston that was specifically designed for the motor. It also features excellent torque which enhances the driveability, making it perfect for racers who are new to karting. The Tillotson HW-46A carburetor allows for more tuneability and more power output which can make the difference on race day. 

Tillotson boxes media - New Tillotson 255RS Now Available at AMP Kart Store

The innovative design also means the engine can produce 15 HP while only revving to 6,500 RPM thanks to the PVL digital ignition which increases the overall reliability, ensuring that your investment will prove to be worthwhile. Tillotson claims the motor will get up to 30 hours of engine life before it will need maintenance. The connecting rod and flywheel are CNC milled which means these parts are also less susceptible to needing maintenance. 

A new karting class has been announced for users of the 225cc Tillotson motor, and races for the TPP-225RS class will begin on July 25th during the Summer Karting Series at AMP. The motor is available at the AMP Kart Store now.


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