How We Can Equip Your Teen with Lifelong Driving Skills

Preparing your teen with additional driving skills can help them retain control and make better decisions when they are faced with challenging or unfamiliar road conditions.

Handing your teen a set of keys for the first time can be one of the most harrowing experiences in your lifetime. No matter how much supervised driving experience you gave them, the moment that they pull out of sight from your driveway feels like all bets are off.

We cannot hover over our teens every time they drive, and even if we could, they would be missing out on critical chances to learn responsibility. Instead, empower your teen with knowledge using our Street Smarts teen driving school. Atlanta Motorsports Park can teach them how to drive like a real pro, defensively avoiding accidents while maintaining precise control of their vehicle even in intense situations. With this extra knowledge under their belt, parents can feel that much more confident when it is time for their teen to take a spin outside the nest.

What They’ll Learn at Our Atlanta Teen Driving School

AMP Street Smarts Driving School imbues young drivers 15 to 18 with hands-on experience at tackling challenging road conditions. Soaking wet roads, narrow streets and unexpected curves can all be handled with confidence to decrease your teen’s likelihood of losing control during critical situations.

They’ll refine their handling skills, become more attuned to spatial awareness and learn how to approach unconventional situations with an expert eye. Teens get a full day of driver’s education from experienced, professional instructors. During the course of their day, they will learn about the physics of vehicle handling, how calculated braking or acceleration can maintain control, how to handle low-traction situations and above all else how to make smart decisions. Then, their skills are put to the test on our 2-mile road circuit, professionally designed by a Formula 1 track veteran.

Instruction starts with an orientation session to driving. We take nothing for granted as we go over the basics of proper vehicle safety, performing a quick inspection check of your vehicle and getting ready for driving with the most productive and focused attitude possible. Teens learn the ins and outs of vehicle dynamics as a whole before getting behind the wheel of a recent-model BMW 325i.

Once we run-down concepts and best practices for keeping control of your vehicle, we instantly challenge your teen by putting them out of their element on our ice hill and skid pad. They learn how their front wheel steering affects the control of their back end. These valuable lessons teach them not just about how to maintain control in a skid, but how vehicle handling works in general. After a few turning sessions, they will be able to utilize this thinking even on surfaces with adequate traction.

Putting Their Skills to the Test

Teen drivers are then subjected to a series of flat, low-speed handling maneuvers in our large asphalt paddock. We set up cones to help them learn through exercises in control, handling, braking and slalom driving. Finally, we put their skills to the test on our road course.

Parents are required to register alongside their child and accompany them on the track day. Students must have a valid Georgia license or learner’s permit to participate.

Learn more about our Atlanta teen driving school, and how you can register on the Atlanta Motorsports Park website.


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