Carson Craig, Kart Member Seeks to Fulfill His Dream Through PT Autosport’s Groundbreaking Program

Excitement is building as PT Autosport’s highly anticipated Driver Shootout approaches, offering a chance for talented young adults to kickstart their professional racing careers. Among the hopefuls is Carson Craig, a dedicated karting member at Atlanta Motorsports Park, who is determined to prove his mettle and secure a coveted contract with PT Autosport.

With over 800 enthusiastic young adults vying for the opportunity, the competition has been fierce. The initial pool of applicants has been narrowed down to a select group of 88 exceptional drivers, all eager to seize their chance at realizing their dreams. The Driver Shootout, set to be a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, promises not only a two-year contract with PT Autosport but also a substantial $100,000 prize, full access to the organization’s talent agency, and invaluable practice days with the team.

PT Autosport has gained acclaim as a pioneering force in the motorsports industry, creating unparalleled opportunities for aspiring drivers from diverse backgrounds. By breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity, the organization has established itself as a beacon of hope for young individuals with a passion for racing. Through their development programs, PT Autosport empowers individuals to pursue their dreams, irrespective of their socioeconomic status or ethnicity, reshaping the landscape of motorsports in the process.

Carson Craig, who has been racing karts for six years since he was just 11 years old, is no stranger to the thrill of the track. Having nurtured a dream of becoming a professional racecar driver since the tender age of five, Carson has faced doubters throughout his journey. However, his impressive karting career, including over 20 podium finishes, has proven his talent and determination beyond doubt. In his most recent race on June 3rd, Carson astounded spectators by starting in 19th place and masterfully maneuvering his way up to an impressive 3rd place finish.

Reflecting on the significance of the PT Autosport Driver Shootout, Carson expressed his gratitude, saying, “It means a lot to me seeing a team give young, aspiring drivers an opportunity to achieve their dreams.” With the support of PT Autosport and his unwavering determination, Carson aims to seize this life-changing opportunity and propel himself closer to his ultimate goal of a successful career in professional racing.

As the PT Autosport Driver Shootout draws near, the racing world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Carson Craig’s journey, along with the triumphs and breakthroughs that lie ahead for the exceptional young drivers competing for their chance at a dream career in motorsports.

We are eagerly waiting for the third round of drivers to be selected to go to New Jersey Motorsports Park for the final round of the shootout. We’re rooting for you, Carson!