Announcing the Launch of AMP’s Dedicated Ambulance Service: Motorsports Ambulatory Services

Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) has unveiled a new initiative reinforcing its commitment to safety in motorsports. Motorsports Ambulatory Services (MAS) is the company’s new in-house ambulance service devoted to delivering premier safety and swift response for track attendees and spectators. 

Transitioning from a decade of contracting external ambulance services, AMP has improved member and customer satisfaction by internalizing this operation. The umbrella of MAS’s coverage extends across all of AMP’s installations, from its road circuit and kart track to trackside residences. Motorsports Ambulatory Services will offer Advanced Life Support services (ALS Level Care), adeptly handling medical situations, be it minor scrapes or requirements for advanced life support. “Our ambulance is state-licensed and fully equipped, mirroring the standards of ALS level ambulances you witness on the streets,” asserts CEO Jeremy Porter. AMP envisions broadening the range of ambulatory services soon, introducing an assortment of IV therapy and wellness options. Upcoming notable services include IV treatments designed for boosting athletic performance, anti-aging, managing flu and gastrointestinal ailments, and offering solace for the common hangover.

Establishing an ambulance enterprise is an exceptionally daunting task. It involves a multifaceted process of securing licenses, meticulously orchestrating paperwork and protocols, and establishing the ambulance infrastructure, all requiring a significant devotion of time and effort. Typically, the process of acquiring the requisite licenses could stretch between 6 to 12 months. Impressively, due to MAS’ staff level of experience, this procedure was fast-tracked leading to a successful founding of the company within a mere 90 days.

At the helm of MAS is Chris Meredith, the Chief of Medics. Meredith’s medical journey began in 1995, dedicating his services as a combat medic. His experience spans multiple overseas missions in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, coupled with community service stints as a firefighter with the Brunswick Fire Department and a paramedic with the Glynn County Fire Department. Before joining MAS, Meredith managed three prominent urgent care facilities in the North Georgia region. With the support of his close friend, Drew Vickers, a current paramedic for the city of Johns Creek, the duo diligently worked to establish the ambulance service.

Overseeing the operations, AMP has appointed one its members, Dr. John Pearson, to the role of our Medical Director. Dr. Pearson is a committed AMP club member with an illustrious 21-year medical career.

Porter concludes: “The launch of our ambulance service mirrors our staunch commitment to the safety and well-being of everyone engaged in the world of motorsports. We’re extremely grateful to Dr. John Pearson, Chris Meredith, Drew Vickers, and the entire devoted crew for their enthusiasm, mastery, and relentless efforts in making this venture a reality. This marks a significant milestone for Atlanta Motorsports Park”.