AMP Partners With Indigo Energy for Improved EV Charging Trackside

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DAWSONVILLE, Ga. — Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) and Indigo Energy have partnered up to offer expanded access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. There are now multiple Level 2 charging stations offering up to 80A of charging potential for all EVs. With expanded options for charging trackside, AMP hopes to support local EV users and enthusiasts of EV racing vehicles alike.

With nearly 30,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the state of Georgia and counting, the popularity of clean, all-electric vehicles is rapidly growing in our region. New EV sports car offerings from storied manufacturers like Audi, Lotus, and BMW couple state-of-the-art energy efficiency with speed and high performance. Commuters can also enjoy emissions-free travel with no engine noise and at a lower cost than gas or hybrid vehicles.

The only challenge for EV owners is a lack of high-powered charging stations in their area. While Georgia boasts 1,500 charging stations — and growing — most of these options are found within the metro Atlanta area. AMP’s expansion means that EV owners of all types in the Dawsonville and Dahlonega areas now have more options to charge. Not only that, but track members and racing enthusiasts can now count on the new standard in 80A charging while they visit the park.

“These stations have technological development in mind and offer up to 80A of charging for every EV that plugs in,” writes Colson Rivers. “Not many EVs can convert 80A of power in Level 2 charging, but more manufacturers are making that move, and we want to be ready for them.”

Indigo Energy is a provider of diverse energy solutions that includes EV charging, solar, fuel supply, commercial electricity, and more. They have already begun conversations with AMP to expand beyond 80A Level 2 charging to DC Fast Charging (DCFC), up to 800kW!

The future of emissions-free performance and convenience is here, and it’s growing its foothold at AMP. Anticipating the shift to all-EV traffic means that AMP will be prepared for a future that’s all-electric and still ready to incite thrills. With the addition of the new Level 2 charging connectors, the world-class track can now enjoy some world-class charging.

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