Pro Karting Circuit

Built to the CIK Level A/1 standard and featuring more elevation changes than any kart track in the world, we offer a unique venue for professional racers as well as total novices

When you drive on our pro kart circuit, expect to meet more elevation changes than any kart track in the world -period!- with up to 43 feet (that’s four and a half stories!) of elevation change. Our kart track was designed to accommodate the full spectrum of experience levels, giving kart drivers of all ages and backgrounds the chance to get the most out of their karting experience… AMP Kart Racing is the perfect way to share your motorsports love with your family and especially your children ages 5 and up!


Track Length: 4,495’ = 0.85 Mi

Elev. Change: 1366’ to 1409’ = 43’

This circuit features 16 turns and the most elevation change of any track in the world. This is our main circuit for guests to experience all our track has to offer!


Track Length: 3,046’ = 0.58 Mi

Elev. Change: 1366’ to 1408’ = 42’

This circuit was created to give racers a more technical challenge. This circuit has removed turn 1 and turn 16, which leads to tighter turns and a slower entry into the track’s biggest hill. This circuit is great for our Rental Kart League.


Track Length: 2,412’ = 0.46 Mi

Elev. Change: 1366’ to 1408’ = 42’

This shorter circuit has been designed to increase your speed and show you what our Sodi concession karts can do! We run this circuit for our $25 Terrific Tuesday sessions! It’s also a great track for Tag and LO206 karts.


This oval circuit has a 30 second lap time and is great for small children learning the ropes.

About our Karts

AMP Kart Racing uses SODI RT8 karts – the ‘super car’ of the leisure karting industry.  The first leisure go kart to feature integral bodywork, it provides an incredible feeling of car racing.  Featuring an ultra-modern and exceptional design, together with a mind-blowing 13 horsepower engine, the Sodi RT8 offers an incredible customer driving experience that makes it unrivaled on the market place.