Fleet Training Program

Elevate Your Team's Safety and Performance With Atlanta Motorsports Park's Fleet Training Program

Are you a business owner in the Metro Atlanta or North Georgia area? Atlanta Motorsports Park, a private facility in Dawsonville, is now offering fleet training for your employees in their company vehicles.

Learn in a low pressure environment with motorsports instructors, introduce new employees to their vehicles, and start an annual refresher program to keep your insurance broker happy.

Ready to Take Your Driving to the Next Level?

  • As a motorsports venue, we can offer hands-on driver training with professional instructors and a specialized wet skid pad.
  • Our 20,000 sqft. Clubhouse and Irrigated skidpad are the perfect learning environment for your staff.
  • We offer 2 and 6 hour online safe driving certificates through DriveSafe, a nationally recognized provider, and a “no-fluff” driving curriculum that won’t put your employees to sleep.
  • Employees practice in their work vehicles to get more familiar with braking, steering, and driving on slippery surfaces to gain the experience they need before they need it.
  • Our classroom and practical instruction can be tailored toward specific skills or issues you would like to address with your employees and fleet vehicles.

Disclaimer: This is NOT A COMMERCIAL CDL training program, and we do not work with regulated commercial vehicles

  • Hands-on driver training with professional instructors.
  • Specialized wet skid pad for practical experience.
  • 20,000 sqft. Clubhouse and a large irrigated skid pad for an ideal learning environment.
  • Offer of 2 and 6 hour online safe driving certificates through a nationally recognized provider.
  • Practical training in work vehicles to familiarize employees with braking, steering, and driving on slippery surfaces.
  • Customizable classroom and practical instruction tailored to specific skills or fleet vehicle issues.