Atlanta Motorsports Park is a motorsports country club… Having a tough week at work or home with the kids? Imagine, jumping in your car tomorrow morning, arriving at AMP, helmet on, driving out of hot pit, pedal to the floor, shifting gears, merging onto the track, fast around the turns, hard on the brakes, back on the gas, your passenger amazed and screaming at the same time with the abilities of the car and your driving… Click Here.. for a tour in your car today!

Checked flag waves, the session is over, you both get out of the car, you high five and repeat it again… Passenger says you do this all the time?!? You answer a cool… yep…
Stress relief, friend/client/neighbor entertainment… Yes! No police, kids, dogs, or trees when driving around the corner… NO way, not at AMP… Come experience something that very few can… @AMP
. 75% of our members have never been on a road course. We can teach you.

This world class facility was created with the “green” objective of reducing our carbon footprint. This formula includes a sustainable building design, Falcon Waterless urinals, Sloan (Solar Powered) dual flow toilets, Sloan (Solar Powered) automatic water faucets, tank-less water heaters, reclaimed water for the irrigation system, recycling of garbage and oil, the maximum efficiency HVAC available today, thermal resistant windows, supplementary insulation, and the use of high-efficient lighting, LED and florescent bulbs.


An important part of AMP’s cultural goal is to bring the family unit back together. Our design includes interactive amenities to facilitate this wholesome environment. Some examples are an indoor/outdoor play area, pool, fitness center, restaurant, basketball court, fire pit, hiking trails, kart track, clubhouse, showers and lockers. In addition to the amenities included on the property, directly across the road and within walking distance, Stillwater Farms offers a variety of activities including riding lessons, boarding, trail rides at both facilities, storytelling, arts, crafts and birthday parties. A “day at the track” means a good time with a fun-filled or relaxing time for all, not just the driver. Some amenities are not yet complete, but the Road Course is open for business!


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The Circuits


The only kart track in America designed and built to CIK Level “A” , a Formula 1 standard, with the most aggressive elevation changes in the world!

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Designed by famed Formula One architects, Hermann Tilke. Very aggressive elevation changes and highly technical road circuit.

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Join The Club

Why Buy a Fast Car, That You Can’t Drive Fast!?! A place for the sports car, and race car owner to enjoy the limits of their car, bike or kart. Like a golf club membership but with high octane adrenaline included.

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Corporate/Team Building Events

A great time can be had with your corporate staff or valued clients

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Car & Kart Storage

Garages of all sizes where you can store your karts, bikes, or cars.

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Driving Schools

Many different levels of driving schools are being offered....

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Member Racing Series

We are ready to roll and expand our Member Racing Series

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Public Racing Rental Karts

We accommodate individuals, corporate outings, host your birthday, bachelor(ette) parties, family reunions or other events.

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Automotive, Film/TV

World-Class Purpose Built Circuit for Automotive Related Manufacturers and Film/TV Events.

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