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Tactical Driving

Get trained in military driving scenarios in the Tactical Driving Program

Want to learn how to drive in the toughest situations in the world? Register now for the Tactical Driving Program!

Founded in 1996, Bobby Ore Tactical Driver has become a world recognized expert in the field of high-performance and tactical driving. We provide instructors, training facilities, classrooms, driving tracks, vehicles, equipment, and a curriculum to maximize client survivability in real-world situations. Bobby Ore Tactical Driver’s years of successful experience and expansive customer list best demonstrates the proven capabilities of our team.

Use our cars and learn from Bobby Ore Motorsports’s team with decades of experience spanning its professional instructors.

The Bobby Ore Motorsports Tactical Driving Program is primarily focused on military, law enforcement, force protection, security operations, and government personnel. The program specializes in training for combat and other high-stress or high danger driving situations.

Balancing classroom lectures and practical performance, clients are introduced to essential elements of tactical driving including anti-terrorist evasion, offensive/defensive driving, attack recognition and avoidance.

Get trained to recognize and avoid potential threats and, if needed, execute maneuvers that allow you to escape or deter the threat in the Tactical Driving Program. Want to find out more? E-mail us at [email protected].

In advanced driver training such as anti-terrorism, dignitary protection and vehicle intervention techniques I feel very confident in writing that there is no one who comes close to Mr. Ore's instruction.

Tactical Driving Participant

Bobby and his team were instrumental in training several Army Personal Security teams for a combat deployment to Afghanistan, where we operated heavily armored vehicles through austere mountain terrain. The critical skills learned through Bobby and his team, no doubt directly kept American Soldiers alive during a 12 month tour in the heavily contested Kunar and Nuristan Provinces of Afghanistan.
The dedication of Bobby and his team of professionals is beyond reproach.

Tactical Driving Participant

It is my opinion that this training be continued throughout [our organization] as the teachings learned within were both critical life-saving and mission focused. The confidence and competence our [team] now have in operating a motor vehicle will prove valuable in all aspects of their career and lives.

Tactical Driving Participant

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