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Hint: A heat is a single 8 minute race and multiple heats are booked at alternate intervals (Not back to back). Price options are per person. Choose one of the pricing options below and you will then be asked to select the number of drivers.

It is strongly recommended to select sessions that are 25-30 mins apart which allows a break to rest in between.

If you would like to make a double kart reservation, please call the facility at 678-381-8526 to complete your reservation.

Please note that the double kart is made for 1 adult and 1 child, and under no circumstances can 2 adults use the double kart. The driver of the double kart must be 21 years old with a driver's license, and the rider has to be 11 and under.

10 minutes

1 Heat$35.99

30 minutes

3 Heats$87.99

50 minutes

5 Heats$129.99

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Please do not select sessions that are only 15 mins apart as those sessions will run back to back.

It is strongly recommended to select sessions that are 25-30 mins apart which allows a break to rest in between.


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Read these Terms & Conditions first!
  • All racers must be present at Atlanta Motorsports Park 45 minutes prior to their first race. If a racer misses a race, we cannot guarantee that another will be available. Traffic is not our fault. Plan ahead!
  • No refunds or credits will be offered for discounts/coupons or unused/missed races.
  • Racers without their own helmets will be assessed an additional $4.99 fee (plus tax) to purchase a head sock.
  • Reservations can be made up to 2 hours in advance. When a race becomes within two hours of the current time it becomes no longer available for reservations.
  • This is a race track, and you agree that you understand and fully accept and agree for you and your guest that you can be seriously injured or die. You also agree and understand this WAVIER by clicking I agree below.
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