Where Can I Drive My Car Fast in Atlanta?

We feel your pain. You got the V8 model, the sport suspension and Brembo brakes. You may have even got the race-ready spoiler, although it’s not doing you much good going 80 mph down I-285.

You got all these toys that make your car hungry to tear up the road and bury your speedometer, but you have nowhere to unleash its inner beast. In short, you wonder where you can get all the fun you deserve now that you have an amazing car.

Atlanta Motorsports Park is here to relieve that pain. Like a much-needed dose of ibuprofen, we cure what ails you with the one medicine we know: speed. Our exhilarating two-mile Formula 1 road track has all the wide open spaces and challenging hairpins you need to discover what your car is truly capable of. Come to us to release all that pent up adrenaline, and learn what it really means to take your car for a drive.


Get a Taste with Our Membership “Test Drive” Program

Finding a place that allows you to go as fast as you want is hard to do. When you do find it, you usually have to cross through all this red tape just to get on the track.

Atlanta Motorsports Park makes it easy. Our Test Drive program lets anyone bring their car off the road and onto the track where they can give it the exciting driving experience its fine-tuned engineering deserves. You can even pick up a few skills in our classroom from a true expert. Learn how to hug the turns and stomp the accelerator safely and effectively.

Your day begins with a track orientation from our professional driving instructor. Our state-of-the-art classroom facilities allow for easy, clear instruction that illuminates how to optimize your decision-making for maximum driving capability.

After you get a feel for the techniques you will need to drive like a true pro, you can learn our course. Accompanied by your instructor, we help you transition your knowledge from concepts to beautiful driving lines and rewarding lap times. We’ll show you the ins-and-outs of every single turn and straightaway while we give you pro tips for choosing an effective line. Our track has the most dynamic elevation changes of any around, which makes running the course an unforgettable experience.

Once you got the hang of the course, you’re all on your own. No need to worry about cops or tickets or dads clogging up the passing lane in their minivans. It’s just you, your car and the open track, and the sky’s the limit.


Discover Where You Can Drive Your Car Fast in Atlanta First-Hand

People who get a taste of our award-winning road course and impeccable instruction style always want to come back for more. Membership allows track time with severely discounted fees as well as open access to our clubhouse, fitness center, off-road trails and more.

Discover what it means to slow down even as you can go 130 mph, by trying a membership today using our Test Drive program. Click here to get started.


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