Man and Car: We take bonding to a whole new level


AMP FP 19 300x200 - Man and Car: We take bonding to a whole new level

Discover the secret to getting your relationship with your car  back on track

Getting track time with your vehicle is a whole new bonding experience. Suddenly, you no longer have to worry about Sunday drivers, red lights and speed limits. It’s just you, your machine and how you decide to drive it.

The only problem is cutting out bad habits that make your seat time unproductive. Without the right learning approach, your driving skills could be metaphorically stuck in second gear. Apex cornering, threshold braking, rev match downshifting — all of these skills can elude you unless you receive personalized instruction alongside productive track time.

Atlanta Motorsports Park’s Track Day Trainer Program provides just that. We take the basic track knowledge you learned from our Car Control program or equivalent experience and add on new layers of complexity. You will learn how to maximize you and your vehicle’s unique skills while making rapid improvements in more generalized areas, like envisioning turn lines.

All of your instruction comes from highly experienced drivers and trainers, who will tailor their instruction to perfectly complement your most vital areas of improvement.
After participating in Track Day Trainer, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make continual improvements every day you come to the track without bad habits weighing you down. Then, the sky’s the limit.

In-Depth Classroom Instruction
Your Track Day Trainer session at AMP starts with a morning in the classroom. You will review all of the unique technical specifications regarding your own vehicle. Learn about its strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies and, most important, the dynamics of your car.

For instance, if you have a PDK transmission for your Porsche, you will learn how that technology affects when, why and how you shift. If you have a 4,200 lb RWD Camaro ZL1, you will learn how to negotiate its weight effectively through turns using calculated shifts, braking and acceleration.

You will also receive a refresher on the AMP track so that when you head out, you will be primed to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.

Lead/Follow Track Sessions
After a brief bit of instruction, you will start to get some on-the-track time with an instructor. Most likely, they will request a lead/follow session where you follow along in your vehicle at reasonable speeds and watch the instructor as they choose a cornering line and how they negotiate each turn.

Since AMP is a highly technical track, you will learn the importance of entry and exit position, along with the nuances regarding threshold braking and where to downshift. These may all sound like basic driving skills, but Track Day Trainer instructors go beyond basics into detailed information about what you should be doing, such as how to choose and hold to the most efficient lines.

Supervised Track Time and Personalized Track Instruction
Once you have participated in a few lead/follow laps, you will be ready for your own dry run around the course. Using the lines suggested by your instructor, you will attempt to navigate the track as smoothly and efficiently as possible while making best use of the optimal driving technique for your vehicle.

Instructors will position themselves at important corners of the track and communicate to you via headset. By observing your vehicle’s exterior, they can identify areas where you could gain more control, better cornering or even increased speed. They will provide immediate feedback in your earpiece that helps you become a better driver, lap by lap.

You will then perform open lapping the rest of the day with just you and a maximum of three others on the track. The next time you come to the track, you will be prepared to warm up, get comfortable faster and get in laps that help you feel like you are learning and improving every time.

Sign Up for AMP’s Track Day Trainer Program Today!
Track Day Trainer offers a full day of one-on-one instruction, along with time for plenty of open laps. Lunch is provided and breaks for instruction punctuate the day.

Sessions are only available once a month, so plan ahead and book your personalized track instruction today!


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