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Spec Miata class winner comes out on top by slimmest of margins   Jason Bergstrom wins by 0.01 seconds over Keith Williamson on fastest lap tiebreaker   Last month’s Spec Miata race at Atlanta Motorsports Park was decided by 0.2 seconds on a fastest lap tiebreaker. This month’s race was even closer. Jason Bergstrom emerged victorious by a narrow
KA 100 Junior kart race comes down to final moments   Top two karts cross finish line side-by-side   In the midst of several dominating performances on the kart track Saturday at the Atlanta Motorsports Park, the KA 100 class was the notable exception where a last-lap pass resulted in a winning margin of just 0.076 seconds.   None
  RACE DAY REPORT 2/24/19   Spec Miata class winner decided by 0.2 seconds   Keith Williamson defeats Jason Bergstrom via fastest lap tiebreaker   Wire-to-wire finishes were the story of the day Sunday at the Atlanta Motorsports Park as all but one race saw the pole-sitter lead every lap from start to finish.   That one race, however,
The 2019 Dates for both Main Track and Kart Track Summer Championship Series have been announced! Main Track: March 24 April 20 May 19 June 9 July 14 August 18 September 15 October 13 Register Here Kart Tack: March 16 April 13 May 18 June 29 July 13 August 3 September 28 October 19 Register Here
Mark your calendars, the AMP Kart Racing Public Endurance Series has its 2019 dates! ______________________________ Feb 2 – 4 Hour Winter Enduro (Register) Apr 27 – 6 Hour Spring Enduro (Register) Jul 6 – 8 Hour Summer Enduro (Register) Oct 5 – 10 Hour Fall Enduro (Register) ______________________________ Click the link to Register for more information about each race.
Fresh off his win at Kansas Speedway, Chase Elliott stopped by AMP Kart Racing for an event hosted by his main sponsor Mountain Dew. The event was put on so that fans of the #9 Chevrolet could have a chance to “chase Chase” on a race track. Chase got his first win in NASCAR’s highest division this year at
  With plans of adding a downforce category to next years racing series, AMP members were treated to a preview of what next years new racing series will look like. Track members Tim Stafford, George Cook, and Jack Rambo, ran with three of our driving instructors to form a field of 6 drivers for the first ever downforce race


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