Legends and Bandolero drivers battle at AMP!

Legends and Bandolero drivers faced a unique challenge at Atlanta Motorsports Park while battling it out for series points on Saturday afternoon.

Rookie Bandoleros driver Caleb Williams took the checkered flag in the feature race as he survived multiple re-starts. Williams was able to overtake Brody Graham on lap two and led for the final eight laps of the race.

Joshua Hicks dominated the combined Bandits and Outlaw feature as he captured the checkered flag from the pole. Hicks was able to maintain a five car length lead right off the start.

Christopher Clanton pulled away from the field for the win after multiple lead changes in the combined Semi-Pro/Young Lions race.

Doug Stevens led from start to finish to earn the win in the Masters/Pro feature race. Dylan Murry finished second as he challenged Stevens throughout the race but couldn’t find an opportunity to overtake Stevens.

The closest finish of the afternoon was in the Thunder Roadsters feature as Darrel Krentz and Aaron Croslyn battled over the final two laps for the lead. The pair exchanged the lead a handful of times but it was Krentz who won the dash to the checkered flag.


Atlanta Motor Speedway Road Course Championship
Atlanta Motorsports Park – Dawsonville, GA
Race Results – Nov. 19, 2016

1. Doug Stevens
2. Dylan Murry
3. Dawson Fletcher
4. Joshua Hicks
5. Corey Heim
6. Adam Robinson
DNA: Bubba Harry

Young Lions
1. Hunter Johnson
2. Conner Younginer
3. Rafe Slate
4. Cale Hall
5. Cannon Cochran
6. Drew Dollar
7. Clay Thompson
8. Annabelle Mowish
9. Carden Cochran
10. Audrey Ruark
11. Ricky Springer
12. Cody Hall
DNS: Harrison Halder

1. Christopher Clanton
2. Hudson Hadler
3. Jason Treschl
4. Brandon Brock
5. David Lawrence
6. Michael Occhipinti

1. Tony Armbruster
2. Terry Mathis
3. Pat Sellars
4. Dennis Hecht
5. Randy Shubert
6. Phillip Young
7. Lisa Scott
8. Barry Bowen

Thunder Roadsters
1. Darrel Krentz
2. Aaron Croslyn
3. Brian Weimer
4. Ray Scott

Rookie Bandoleros
1. Caleb Williams
2. Brody Graham
3. Garrett Erwin
4. Mickey Mohwish
5. Carson Ruark
DNS: Gianni Esposito
DNS: Lucas Ruark

1. Joshua Hicks
2. Blase Crawford
3. Trey Tadrzak
4. Ashton Whitener
5. Shelby Ruark
6. Michael Gannon
7. Haden Swank
DNS: Drew Dollar

1. Leland Honeyman
2. Nathan Jackson
3. Ryan Younginer
4. Colson Cochran
5. River Allen
6. Max Hennebaul
7. Jason Campbell
DNS: Sara Sullivan

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