Kart Race Report (3/7/20)

Three-man lead pack swap spots at the top of Lo206 Senior class kart race

Buzz Killingsworth captures the win after three drivers take turns out front

The Lo206 Senior class provided some thrills early on with the three-man lead pack of Buzz Killingsworth, Alistair Edwards and Hank Hefner before Killingsworth took control and took the checkered flag.

Edwards was the leader at the start but it was apparent at the get go that the race was going to come down to the aforementioned trio with the three creating a gap on the field as they snaked around the track bumper-to-bumper.

Hefner was next to take his turn out front on Lap 4 with Edwards now in second place and Killingsworth in third where he had been for the entirety of the race up to this point. Edwards retook the lead on Lap 7 and on Lap 8 a new challenger closed the gap and entered the fray as Hefner missed a mark and allowed Adam Phillips to sneak into third place.

This put Killingsworth into second behind Edwards and after waiting patiently, biding his time for the first nine laps, Killingsworth put the pedal down getting around Edwards on Lap 10.

On the next lap, Hefner took his spot back from Phillips and the trio was once again 1-2-3 on the track but this time it was Killingsworth in first up from his third place starting position followed by Edwards and Hefner. That was the order they would finish even though there was hardly an inch between the bumpers of the three karts, no driver could make a pass over the final four laps.

Further down the track, Antonio Abrom finished fourth with Carson Craig in fifth and Phillips finishing in sixth place. Brent Butler, who recorded the fastest lap of the race, closed the day in seventh place followed by Chris Simons, Skip Rossi and Bret Miles to round out the top 10.

The Lo206 Master class which ran with the Senior class saw Daryl Quick beat out Joe C Davis for the win.

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KA 100 Junior class driver Raiden Nicol dominates Senior class racers

In the KA 100 Junior/Senior class, it was a Junior driver that captured the checkers. Raiden Nicol beat out his fellow classmates by over 30 seconds but that was an afterthought as the young driver was gunning for the overall win.

Senior driver Ryan Corso started the race out front, but Nicol quickly took the lead on Lap 3 after Corso had a slight wiggle on the track. That was all Nicol needed. On Lap 6, Nicol’s lead grew to three seconds over Zack Frank who also passed Corso after his wiggle on Lap 3. On Lap 10, it was six seconds over Frank and after 15 laps, the young Junior driver won the race over the Senior field by over nine seconds.

Frank finished first in the KA 100 Senior class followed by Corso with Leonardo Oliveira finishing in third place. Rory Flint was fourth, Jacob Hughes fifth and Emerson Nogueira Jr. sixth.

Behind Nicol in the Junior class was Christian Foster in second, Nicholas Daniell third and Spencer Mast finishing in fourth place.

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Other Results

The last race of the day was the Shifter class with Angus Hunt taking the victory over Steve Frank by 7.824 seconds with Chad Lee in third place followed by Joshua Marsh and Jason Bane.

Alyssa Vascocu won the Lo206 Cadet class by 2.015 seconds over Austin Warner. Adam Wein finished in third place, Christian Blevins Jr. in fourth and Lillian Scarbrough was fifth two laps back.

In the Lo206 Junior class, Lanie Buice won over Emma Kate Scarbrough by a margin of 40.953 seconds followed by Sebastian Price and Anthony Hyman in third and fourth place respectively.

Craig Foster captured the checkered flags in the TaG Master class by 2.160 seconds over Donald Davis with Mike Bruce finishing in third place 4.775 seconds back. Captain DeLaigle finished in fourth place and Bill Strempel in fifth place.

Nicol won the TaG Junior class and Bhanu Yedla won the TaG Senior class by virtue of being the only entrants in the class although Nicol took the overall win in the TaG Junior/Senior/Master race.

Sam Avrutsky won the TaG Cadet class race by lapping the field. Bowen Greene finished in second place a lap down while Josh Avrutsky and Blaise Holbrook finished third and fourth each three laps down.

The Pro Concession Light class race saw Spencer Alexander defeat Yelda by 6.383 seconds with Stephen Hooper finishing on the podium in third place. David Miles finished fourth and Jeff Alexander rounded out the top 5 in fifth place. The Pro Concession Heavy class was won by Richard Pearson over Aiden Margrow by a lap around the track.

The youngest racers at the track in the Comer Kid Kart class opened the day with Bowen Greene defeating Caleb Marsh and Eduardo Carvalho by two laps.

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