Excess and Ecstasy: Bugatti Unveils Its New 1500 hp Supercar

2.6 million dollars could buy you a lot of things. It’s enough money to send 13 kids to Harvard, or buy 61,000 car moustaches (arguably the more sensible choice).

Now, thanks to the fine French folks at Bugatti, $2.6 million can buy you undisputed bragging rights. After providing a high benchmark with the release of their 1,000 hp, $1.7 million Veyron in 2005, Bugatti decided to outdo themselves with a new, more face-melting model that could solidify their position as maker of the world’s most ridiculously powerful production cars.

With an 8 liter, 16-cylinder engine strapped to four turbochargers and a 4,400-pound dry curb weight, the Chiron promises to be a beast of legendary proportions. The only problem will be getting your hands on one, even if you have the cash.


More “Horses” Than Ever

Like the Veyron before it, the Bugatti Chiron puts all of its raw power to good use. State-of-the-art technology cranks every bit of available push out of the powertrain setup and directs it into the road where it belongs.

Determining how to harness the power of 1,500 horses was no easy task. Simply deciding how to prevent the tires from melting onto the track was challenge enough. The solution was to give the car three air ducts per wheel that could offer cooling to each of the corner brakes. Another solution? Limit the speed electronically to a “mere” 261 mph.

Bugatti engineers also agonized to preserve control and stability in cornering. The Chiron’s 50,000 Newton-meters per degree of torsional flex is an unparalleled engineering feat among production vehicles, achieving a level of stiffness usually reserved for LMP1 LeMans prototypes.

Design features like these ensure that the Chiron’s capabilities match the awesomeness of its specs. A sub 2.5 second 0 – 60 time blurs past most racing bikes. A 13.5 second 0 – 300 kph time (186 mph) defies all comprehension. Imagine a vehicle hurtling from a full stop to an earthshattering ramming speed in the time it takes to reheat a brownie.


The Looks to Match?

The Chiron’s form factor certainly screams exotic, although that may not necessarily be a compliment. Like the Veyron before it, the Chiron uses a unique approach to supercar design that could be best described as an acquired taste.

A huge vented front nose dominates the fascia, lined by rows of glaring rectangular lead headlights. Ostentatious side scoops and an overall garish demeanor certainly ensure that the vehicle will turn heads, even the heads of those that do not recognize what is going on under the hood. Inside, a space-age interior combines cutting edge instrument tech with all the supple leather the collective GDP of several countries could buy.

Even with such a tall price tag, demand will outstrip supply if the Veyron’s production run was any indication. Just 500 units will be available come release in Fall 2017, with an undisclosed second run quantity to follow.

Just because this vehicle is out of most of our reach does not mean we cannot fantasize about it, though. Would you take out a series of loans to put a Chiron in your garage if you could, or do you think that Bugatti may have gone a step too far? Let us know in the comments below!


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