Coming Soon – Renegade Fuel Center

Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Renegade Fuels to bring Renegade racing fuels and a renegade fuel station to the north paddock and kart track September 2020. Renegade Fuels provides world-class performance race fuels, lubricants, additives, and car care products to racers around the world. 

renegade - Coming Soon - Renegade Fuel Center

Two Renegade Fuel pumps will be installed at AMP; one at the main track and one at the kart track. Members at the main track will enjoy a much more convenient experience as you will be able to pay directly at the pump and self serve your racing fuel. The pumps at the main track will offer 93, 100, and 110 octane non-ethanol racing fuel while back at the kart track 93, 98, and 110 octane fuels will be available behind the karting center. The octane levels are exactly what you pay for, ensuring that you get the desired performance out of your vehicle on track. 

Being able to conveniently buy quality racing fuel onsite is crucial to the success of these new fuel pumps. AMP is investing over $200,000 into this project and it is not projected to turn a profit for at least the next ten years. We hope through the support of our members and our community that these new fuel pumps will be the go-to place for everyone’s fueling needs. The prices may be slightly higher but the ethanol-free blend won’t damage your motor like gas from a regular gas station does. The fuel will also reap rewards on track as it increases horsepower and decreases lap times. 

2000 2 Compartment AMP Tank - Coming Soon - Renegade Fuel Center

“We partnered with Renegade Fuels because of its bleeding-edge fuels and commitment to providing a quality product with every gallon of fuel it delivers.” AMP CEO, Jeremy Porter explained. “We love industry disruptors and chose Renegade because of its edge over other brands.”

Concrete pads have been poured and the fuel tanks are set to be installed early September. If everything goes as planned and the weather behaves, AMP will have two functioning fuel stations on property by the end of September!

AMP Pump2 - Coming Soon - Renegade Fuel Center


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