At age 8, Luke Giglio isn’t old enough to stay at home by himself, but he is old enough to drive. A competitive karter with multiple trophies under his belt, you might even say he’s better at driving than most people multiple times his age.
Finding success, whether it’s in life or on the track, takes focus and determination above all else, according to recent Rolex 24 winner Ryan Hardwick. He and the entire team for Wright Motorsports’ 1st Phorm #16 Porsche 911 GT3 R car sped into first place during the grueling race not by chance, but after many days’ (and really months’)
In the second episode of Under The Helmet, we follow Olivier Piatek as he fights for the championship in the LO206 Cadet Class of the AMP Karting Series. Olivier shares his passion for racing with his father who is always supporting him on and off-track as he tries to come from behind and take home the championship in his
The first episode of our new series Beyond The Track is here as we delve into one of AMP’s only Legends racers, Keegan Hall. Watch to see how Keegan’s love for motorsport started from a young age and evolved into something that consumes his life. Keegan works at Goldcrest Motorsports in Kennesaw, Georgia and is a regular contestant in
  Discover the secret to getting your relationship with your car  back on track Getting track time with your vehicle is a whole new bonding experience. Suddenly, you no longer have to worry about Sunday drivers, red lights and speed limits. It’s just you, your machine and how you decide to drive it. The only problem is cutting out
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Something about the roar of a hand-built engine and the sultry curvature of expert-sculpted sheet metal makes exotic cars irrefutably cinematic. Combine these thrills with on-screen adventure and romance, and you have a formula for a Hollywood blockbuster that could bring speed freaks to their knees. Undeniable screen appeal means that exotic cars are common fodder for big-budget movies,
Mustangs have gone through an exciting evolution since their dark ages in the ‘70s and their salvation from Hot-Wheels-inspired designs in the ‘90s. It seems like no matter what Ford adds, changes or takes away, there will always be something new and exciting happening in the Mustang community that is sure to arouse debate. In this spirit and to
Every year, Porsche engineers find themselves in the unenviable position of having to improve upon near-perfection. They agonize over minute changes in gear ratios or daytime running light shapes with full knowledge that even the smallest adjustment will cause an explosion of controversy. And yet, they soldier on, adding more impressive features year after year — and usually more
Owning a sports car is an exciting venture into a new world fraught with speed, intrigue and tongue-swallowing g-forces. Unfortunately, it is also a world filled with waiting weeks for a part, waxing canopies on humid days and wondering why your passenger window decided to get stuck right before a rain storm. Yes, owning a sports car is like
2016’s Top Cars of the Year — Part I 2015 was a banner year for things that go vroom. Sales were up 6.1 percent over the year before, Chevy got nasty with the rebirth of the Z06 and Volkswagen got caught exaggerating fuel mileage, presumably to justify chipping in less for gas money. And, of course, we saw lots
Though few would admit it, sometimes the process of buying an exotic car can be more exciting and fun than the actual ownership experience. For a few months, all of your options are open, and considering any new possibility means blissfully imagining what it would be like behind its wheel. Of course you will not be happy if all


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