As the winter months come to an end and the spring season begins, the weather starts to warm up, and it’s time for racetrack season! We’ve got an incredible roster of fun events lined up for our members in April of 2023. So, gather your friends and family, pack your sunscreen and your favorite snacks, and head AMP for
In Georgia, there are many ways that parents and guardians can encourage safe driving amongthe youth. One of the most important things to remember is that it is never too early to teach yourchildren about safe driving practices. Here are some tips for keeping your kids safe on the road. Instill Safe Driving Habits While it’s important to instill
By: Tim Setterfield Everyone wants to shrink their carbon footprint. As people across the globe become more aware of the problems created by climate change, more individuals and organizations are making choices that help reduce their environmental impact. One eco-friendly invention that has exploded in popularity over the last decade is the electric vehicle. Electric Vehicles: the Basics Today,
F1 Racing Surges Ahead in Popularity in the States Formula 1 racing currently rides at an all-time high of popularity in the United States, the likes of which may not have been seen since the days of Mario Andretti. The growth of spectator interest in the sport has already led to renewed investment in F1’s presence in the US,
Smokies GT, a not-for-profit group of Porsche GT4, GT2, GT3, GT3 RS, R, CGT, & 918 owners, visited Atlanta Motorsports Park this April for a day on track. This event was part of a weekend charity event that raised $120,000 for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Learn more about private events at AMP:
Registration is now open for a two day track event with Music City Mustang Club, a Nashville, TN non-profit organization formed in 1980 by and for the owners and enthusiasts of the Ford Mustang. Open to all makes and models, the event will take place at AMP from May 26 to May 27. Each day is only $199 and those interested
With squinty headlights, a shape like a tic-tac and a gaping front grille that looks like a fish standing at the register in a fast food restaurant trying to decide what to order, the Mazda Miata is hardly material for a bedroom wall poster. Yet, visit any track around the world, and you are likely to see and hear
Families looking for the perfect spring activity for their children will have the opportunity to attend an unique event that will feel like a scene straight out of Pixar’s “Cars” franchise. For the first time ever, Atlanta Motorsports Park will welcome tractors out on the race track as part of a family-friendly tractor expo. Tractors on Track will take
Beyond the daily public and private karting options, Atlanta Motorsports Park hosts a variety of kart races throughout the year for both kart owners and rental kart racers. Hosting at least one kart race per month, AMP is proud to be the premier destination for kart racers in Georgia. This April, AMP is offering several opportunities to compete on
Some motorsport fans may not take karting seriously, but catch racing pros from F1 and other series like NASCAR on the weekend, and they are most likely behind the wheel of a kart. Why? Well, for one, going back to karts marks a return to form for most of these guys. As Road & Track puts it: “Every Formula
Motorcars of Georgia, an Atlanta dealership specializing in Aston Martin, Lamborghini, McLaren, Lotus and other luxury cars, hosted their 2017 Spring Track day at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Not only were drivers able to see what their cars could do out on the track, but guest were treated to an appearance by the McLaren 720s in the showroom.
Calling all Corvette lovers! Please join us for breakfast with other Corvette owners as we build relationships, enrich lives and drive! Go under the hood as Buyavette presents its top model cars. Corvette ride-a-longs will also be included! Atlanta Motorsports Park Sunday, May 21st Breakfast: 9:30am-10:30am Car Q&A: 10:00am Then enjoy ride-a-longs on the race track NOTE: General


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