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Since its inception more than sixty years ago, karting has evolved into its own “micro-community” separate from the rest of the motorsports community. From specialized race teams and shops to engine manufacturers to marketing and management firms, the world of karting has become truly that: its own world.┬áPart of this stems from how different karting is from car racing,
Racing karts, we mean. While engineers for high-performance cars like Porsches and BMW M Series vehicles pore over active differential designs using advanced technology, racing karts have no differential to speak of. Yet, they can still corner like a minecart on rails. How do they accomplish this razor-sharp turning without scrubbing the inside rear tire? Simple: they lift the
Following its successful inception in 2016, the AMP Trophy Cup has returned with its standard format of 3 races for its 2017 season. The series targets LO206 racers over the age of 15, offering both LO206 Senior and LO206 Master divisions. Track time is a definite focus of the series, but a more prominent benefit of competing is that
After numerous discussions over which direction to take the 2017 Edition of the AMP Kart Championship Series, the team at Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to officially announce MG Tires as the Official Tire for the 2017 Championship. We have spent a lot of time, effort, and research in trying to weigh the pros and cons of all of
Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to present the 2017 Edition of the AMP Kart Championship Series. The series has multiple ground-breaking changes planned for the coming year; all of which will be revealed over the course of the next few days. Firstly, though, we are excited to officially announce the dates for each round of the 2017 championship. 2017
Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to present the first rental kart endurance event of the new year! On February 4th, up to 25 teams, ranging from 2-3 drivers per team, will take to the track for a 4-Hour Enduro. This race follows an extremely similar format to the two 4-hour endurance races held in 2016, with a few minor
In the fall of 2014, AMP racers were looking for a place to keep their engines running during the winter months, so AMP answered with the inaugural Winter Race Series! The 2016 edition of the AMP Winter Kart Series is the third season of its existence as being one of the only winter club karting programs in the country.
Trying to beat the clock against the impending downpour, the fourth race of the 2016 Atlanta Motorsports Park Kart Championship Series was fairly fast-paced. In the name of time efficiency, many classes that were close in speed were combined in the afternoon, providing the drivers with the added challenge of more karts on the racetrack than usual. This change
While it may be extremely tempting to simply lubricate the chain and throw your kart in the garage, in order to properly store your kart after a day of driving on the track there a few steps you need to take. This can be especially tempting for “one man band” or “weekend warriors” who may find themselves not only
Outside of driving public rental karts, people without racing and/or mechanical backgrounds often find themselves unsure of how to go about getting into kart racing. Karting is one of the most exciting and fun sports you can participate in, and done right, can supply you with memories to last a lifetime. Everyone deserves to get a chance to enjoy


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