Peyton Reeves

I had the opportunity to drive both cars on the same day at Atlanta Motorsports Park. To me, the first big difference was power. It was very clear that the Turbo S offered much more torque due to the turbo itself. BUT, the GT3 RS was absolutely planted through the turns. I’m told that the GT3 RS can create
Chances are great that if you track your car, you likely are not the type of person to buy coffee can exhaust tips or stick-on hood scoops. But that isn’t to say you wouldn’t get swindled by the flashier aftermarket upgrades out there, many of which provide little to no benefit on the track. In fact, most hurt your
  Anatomy of Proper Cornering Technique for the Track Improving control through your turns can be one of the biggest breakthrough moments for beginning drivers. This concept causes many hours of obsession among gear heads trying to carve the perfect line on the track. Since that line changes dramatically based on factors like weather, your vehicle’s parts, your current
  Discover the secret to getting your relationship with your car  back on track Getting track time with your vehicle is a whole new bonding experience. Suddenly, you no longer have to worry about Sunday drivers, red lights and speed limits. It’s just you, your machine and how you decide to drive it. The only problem is cutting out


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