Atlanta Motorsports Park Gives New Trackside Condo Owners Their Keys

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. — A select group of racing enthusiasts who’ve always envisioned having their own “garage mahal” have finally had their dreams made true. 45 brand new condo units at Atlanta Motorsports Park in North Georgia have completed construction and are now move-in ready. Excited owners received their keys at a low-key ceremony on October 22nd, earlier in October.

“There’s nothing quite like having a nice spot outside of town to park your mind,” says AMP founder and president Jeremy Porter. “Now you can also use that spot to park your project car, and you have a track to get the most out of it, right outside your garage.”

The combination of getaway home and trophy case makes these condo units highly unique. Available in 1280 sq ft and 640 sq ft layouts, floor plans are left open to your imagination. Owner enthusiasts can try to pack in as many cars and workbenches as they care to, in order to have easy access right off the track to wrench and perfect performance. More leisurely minded owners can opt to install mezzanines, multiple rooms, and seating areas that take advantage of the trackside vistas. Available car lifts and other configurations make the condo units a striking showcase of sheet metal, combining play pen with modern architecture to dazzling effect.

Condo unit owners have no shortage of reasons to come stay in their new home away from home. Track days are ongoing at AMP, enabling them to take their prized possession for a spin on the Herman Tilke designed and F1 inspired road course. The beloved track, carved right from the topsoil of the Appalachians, features homages to world-famous turns, including Belgium’s Spa-Francochamps and the “carousel” corner on Germany’s Nurburgring.

Owners also have options for spending a relaxing day away from it all. AMP offers country club amenities, including a swimming pool, outdoor cooking area, multiple lounges, gym facilities, and even a putting green. Those who enjoy karting — for fun or for practice — can take advantage of the dynamic and engaging karting course.

45 condo units have been sold so far in phase 1 and 2, with phase 3 being sold out aswell. So far, all units have sold out in the first three phases, but ambitious plans will open up 13 more units in phase 4A. Phases 4B and 4C have yet to be announced.

The exciting new developments fit in with Porter’s original vision of creating a destination centered around an outstanding track and a shared love of motorsports. With events, competitive races, track weekends, corporate retreats, and league competitions going on all the time, AMP is building itself a community of like-minded motorsports enthusiasts here in the heart of the Southeast.