Andy Lally Visits AMP, Drives Members Cars


AMP Track Members were treated to a special experience with professional race car driver Andy Lally. One of the many benefits of being a member at AMP is getting to participate in our driver development programs. This month, we had our friend and driving instructor Andy Lally, come out and spend time with our members as he pushed their cars to the limit.

Learning the physical limits of a car is very important for lowering lap times. More often than not, people hit their comfort levels before they reach the limits of their car. Having someone like Andy driving a car around the track, really helps show how much more that car can give after the driver has reached his comfort level.

The whole event was a huge success. The day started with a track walk and driving tips, and then ended with Andy driving over 20 of our members cars while they were in the passenger seat. We really can’t thank Andy enough for coming out and working with our members. He went straight from running the Saturday Xfinity race on the Roval at Charlotte Motor Speedway, to an all day event with our members on Sunday.

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