AMP Summer Series: Round Seven

IMG 4502 1024x683 - AMP Summer Series: Round Seven

Drivers and spectators observed the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this past Saturday at Atlanta Motorsports Park as drivers competed in round seven of the AMP Summer Series. With cool temperatures and perfect weather, it was a beautiful day for racing in Dawsonville. 

Spec Miata Race One:

Starting side by side, Raiden Nicol and Jose Garcia led the field into turn one as the green flag was waved. Garcia crossed over and took the lead over Nicol at the exit of turn one. Behind, Blakely Fabiani, Bill Crane, and Seth Mohammed began to battle for the final spot on the podium. Garcia held position though the carousel and turn six.  As the two came around to take lap two, Nicol took a look into turn one, but Garcia held him off. Fabiani and Crane battled through turn two and Crane inherited the 3rd spot. On lap three the battle for 3rd continued as Fabiani crossed over Crane into turn one. Crane ran on the inside of Fabiani to turn three, but Fabiani secured the 3rd spot.

IMG 4622 1024x683 - AMP Summer Series: Round Seven

Nicol set up a pass headed into turn one on lap four, but Garcia held him off.  As the two came back around to take lap five, Nicol squeezed to the inside of Garcia coming out of turn one and by turn four he had taken the lead. No position changes were made on laps six and seven as the two held a gap on the rest of the field. Garcia attempted a pass through turn one on lap eight, but Nicol held him off. As they raced up the hill to the carousel, they stayed side by side into turn six. Nicol maintained the lead as Garcia fell back coming out of turn six.  Garcia continued to harass Nicol through turn ten and took the lead as they raced into turn twelve. Garcia pulled away on lap nine as he led Nicol through the two-mile road course.  No position changes were made through laps ten and eleven as Nicol dropped back due to mechanical issues. Nicol pulled off track allowing Fabiani to take the 2nd position as the white flag was waved. Garcia pulled off track before taking the checkered and Fabiani crossed the line in first. Crane, and Mohammed filled the other podium spots for the Spec Miata race one. 

IMG 4479 1024x683 - AMP Summer Series: Round Seven

Spec Miata Race Two:

The top five of this race was Blakley Fabiani, Jose Garcia, Raiden Nicol, Seth Mohammed, and Bill Crane. Crane was late to the grid, so he started in the back. Headed into turn one Fabiani held 1st as Garcia followed behind in 2nd. Nicol tucked into the back of Garcia in 3rd as they headed into the carousel. Coming to lap two Garcia attempted a pass for 1st into turn two but couldn’t complete it. Crane pulled into pit road and retired as the leaders completed lap two.

IMG 4887 1024x623 - AMP Summer Series: Round Seven

On lap three, Garcia attempted to pass Fabiani in turn four but locked up his brakes and couldn’t complete it. Fabiani ran off track through turn ten, and Nicol inherited 1st and Garcia inherited 2nd on lap four. Garcia took the lead as he passed Nicol in turn one. Nicol raced closely with Garcia through lap five with Fabiani behind in 3rd.  Nicol reclaimed the lead on lap six as he passed Garcia through turn four. Garcia fought back but couldn’t get close enough to try a move. Nicol maintained a two second lead as a close race happened behind him with Garcia and Fabiani. Through the remainder of the race Nicol maintained his lead over Garcia and no position changes were made. The top three finishers were Raiden Nicol, Jose Garcia, and Blakely Fabiani. 


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