AMP Stories – Ax Kametches

Ax Kametches started working at  Atlanta Motorsports Park in September of 2019 as a race shop mechanic, kart tuner, and kart school instructor. Ax came to Atlanta Motorsports Park as a 19-year-old racing enthusiast eager to work in and around motorsport.

It was quickly realized that Ax had a natural ability behind the wheel and he took a three-day class at Primal Racing School, located at AMP, to hone his skills.

“I had always wanted to go to a racing school,” Ax recalled, “and my parents finally folded and let me go to Primal which was amazing. I had never driven on a racetrack before, I had never driven a racecar before.” 

Ax was guided through various practice programs at AMP’s facilities alongside Primal instructors who all have professional racing experience. This eventually prepared him for an appearance in the downforce class at AMP where he won back to back races. 

This stunning result from a driver who had never participated in a race before caught the attention of the F1600 RaceWorks team based out of Gainesville, Georgia. Ax managed to finish eighth at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in just his second race in the series. 

“The racing is close too,” Ax explained. “You’re all in a pack and it’s all about who gets to the throttle first.”

Ax has continued to work in the AMP Race Shop throughout the summer as he competes in the F1600 series.

“I always dreamed of having a job kind of like this growing up just because I knew I wanted to be in the racing industry since I was little. This is about as close as I could have asked for.”

He also stressed the importance of being involved among the AMP community that is so rich with connections within racing and beyond.

“I’ve met a lot of people up here just in my work and made a lot of good connections. I’ve learned a lot here from other members and I love teaching people how to drive in the Kart School. AMP has given me a lot of track time as well so I really credit forming my driving style and getting better to AMP for giving me that opportunity to do so.” 

Ax will continue to work at the kart track as he simultaneously works on pursuing his racing career. Check back here next Saturday for our next installment of AMP Stories.