AMP Kart Racing wraps up the 2017 AMP Kart Championship Series

IMG 9776 - AMP Kart Racing wraps up the 2017 AMP Kart Championship Series

The class winners for the 2017 AMP Kart Championship Series, AMP Trophy Cup and AMP Super Cup were announced at an awards banquet on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Below is the full list of winners:

Kart Championship Series:

LO206 Cadet:
1st– Grayson Upchurch III
2nd– Raiden Nicol
3rd– Preston Tatro

LO206 Junior:
1st– Zach Holden
2nd– Rory Flint
3rd– Erikson Evans

LO206 Master:
1st– Chuck West
2nd– Doug Wilson
3rd– John Callanan

LO206 Senior:
1st– Nicholas Lefferdo
2nd– Jose Garcia
3rd– John Nichols

Pro Concession Heavy:
1st– Chase Holden
2nd– Jerry Hartley
3rd– Brandon Stahlman

Pro Concession Light:
1st– Aiden Levy
2nd– Alton Patterson
3rd– Zach Holden

1st– Jose Garcia
2nd– Ruben Tarca
3rd -Brian Katz

TaG Cadet:
1st– Raiden Nicol
2nd– Nicholas Daniell
3rd– Mateo Rubio Luengo

TaG Master:
1st-Donald Davis
2nd– Mike Bruce
3rd– Lon Washburn

TaG Rookie:
1st– Cooper Van Wingerden
2nd– Vincent Capitillo
3rd– Christian Foster

TaG Senior:
1st– Chris Jones
2nd– Sam Marmurowicz
3rd– Henry Brass

Super Cup:

1st: Craig Foster
2nd: Donald Davis
3rd: Joshua Marsh

1st: Henry Brass
2nd: Chris Jones
3rd: Aidan Johnson

Trophy Cup:

TROPHY CUP Master Class:
1st: Chuck West

TROPHY CUP Senior Class:
1st: Nicholas Lefferdo
2nd: Arron Cox
3rd: Adam Phillips


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