2017 AMP Trophy Cup Details Finalized

Karting 36small e1487001767729 - 2017 AMP Trophy Cup Details FinalizedFollowing its successful inception in 2016, the AMP Trophy Cup has returned with its standard format of 3 races for its 2017 season. The series targets LO206 racers over the age of 15, offering both LO206 Senior and LO206 Master divisions. Track time is a definite focus of the series, but a more prominent benefit of competing is that the entire race day is completed within a span of four hours or less, depending on when you arrive at the track. Each race day is also combined with a kart member day, which allows AMP Members to still drive in between sessions, whether they are racing in the series or not.


The race day format of three total sessions with a 10-minute warmup followed by two 25 lap races will remain the same for 2017. The biggest change will be the transition over to the MG “HZ” Red tires. The first round of the championship falls within the grace period, where both Hoosier EL26 and MG “HZ” Red tires will be legal to compete. However, for the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the championship, only MG Tires will be allowed. Besides that, no other changes have been made to the series, which should set it up for another successful year in 2017.

2017 Trophy Cup Schedule

Round 1: April 9th, 2017

Round 2: June 4th, 2017

Round 3: August 13th, 2017



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