2020 Improvements at AMP (Review)

2020 Review

Facility Improvements:


  • Sealcoating of all the parking lots and restriping to improve the optical image of the club.
  • Added high-end resort pool furniture to the pool area courtesy of Gratus Capital.
  • Added lighting to the pool area, making it visible at night.
  • Installed pay at the pump fuel station at both tracks.
  • Trailer parking consolidated to the new parking pad.
  • Renewed agreement with BMWs for teen school through 2021.
  • Upgraded the audio system on the balcony at the main track.
  • Launched the trackside condo project and sold nearly $8 million in 2020, selling 32 out of 40 units.
  • Started construction of condos and completed site work.
  • New AMP wrapped tow truck improves on-track vehicle recovery time.
  • Added UV Helmet Sterilizer at Kart Track.
  • Replaced all motors in the rental kart fleet.


KT parking lot web - 2020 Improvements at AMP (Review)
pool furniture1 - 2020 Improvements at AMP (Review)


Member experience improvements


  • Implemented online member RSVP form.
  • Saturday Night Social improved with live music, food, and drinks, increasing overall member satisfaction.
  • Drag racing added to Saturday Night Social
  • Live announcing added to the karting and main track race series.
  • Introduction of AMP Kartwerks, an online store that sells kart parts.
  • Improvements made to the current website to make the customer experience more intuitive. 
  • Added hospitality with tents, chairs, fans, misters, and refreshments trackside for members.
  • Sourced new food vendors to upgrade existing catering offerings.
  • Added Spring Mountain as a reciprocal track
camel tow - 2020 Improvements at AMP (Review)


Staff Improvements


  • Hired Josh Holland (Staff Writer) and Sam Fletcher (videographer) to manage the written and video marketing content at AMP.
  • Trained and improved corner Marshals for incidents on track, creating safer, quicker response to incidents as well as reduced downtime. 
  • Hired an external full-time cleaning crew to clean the clubhouse at both tracks.

New Programs

  • Created the Junior Discovery Experience for children ages 5-11.
  • Bi-annual new member meet & greet. 
  • Revamped and expanded corporate group options.
  • Created the AMP eSeries and online iRacing Community


jr discovery - 2020 Improvements at AMP (Review)


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