Father, Son, Daughter, Mother… Kart Racing is a Family Sport! Membership at Atlanta Motorsports Park Provides You with Exclusive Access to the Finest Kart Circuit in America

With 43 feet of elevation changes and built to Formula One standard, our kart circuit provides an entry-level insight into the sport of racing that’s fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Karting can be enjoyed by anyone age 5 and over with vehicles available for all skill levels. Karts can be tailored to all abilities – starting at 15 mph all the way up to hyper performance vehicles that can go from 0 to 125 mph in 6 seconds. Pulling 3 “G’s” of cornering force, that’s similar to an F1 car!

Many of the world’s top racers began their driving in karts and return to karting regularly to fine tune and hone their skills. Discover the rush of this incredible sport with an Atlanta Motorsports Park membership.

Exclusive Kart Membership

  • Up to 120 Days Annually
  • 24 of which are Weekend Days
  • $2,500 Initiation Fee
  • $50 Monthly Dues
  • $10 Daily Use Fee

I have been a High Performance enthusiast all my life. For decades, I have operated cars, boats, motorcycles – pretty much everything besides planes and submarines – at extreme speeds. How is it that it took me 57 years to discover the thrill and exhilaration of Karting?

Garth Tagge, Member