• Valid up to 180 days annually
  • $100,000 initiation fee 
  • Up to four people – see terms below
  • Option to add members for an additional $10,000 per member PLUS additional fees and dues (includes additional locker, shirt, and hat)
  • $150/month per person for the first two members but ONLY $75/month per person for any additional members
  • $30/day per person
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I have been involved in high performance driving for 20 years and I have never seen anything quite like AMP. I feel like Ty (Chevy Chase) at Bushwood. Never keeping score and never stressed. I show up and drive when I feel like it, get some work done, have a few laughs with friends and go back out and rip it up at my own pace. Jeremy and the fine people at AMP have created a little piece of driving heaven.

Jon Baker, Member

Signing up for a corporate membership gives you an all-access pass to the ultimate corporate playground. Picture your average employee benefits program but with a horse-powered motorsports twist. Our corporate membership provides you with amazing networking opportunities as well as an unforgettable way to entertain your out-of-town guests and business partners.