AMP Kart Racing Rules & Regulations

  • No person shall be allowed in pit area without a pit pass.  If a person is in the racer’s pit area without
    a pass, that team will forfeit points for that event.

  • All drivers must register before entering race track to race or practice.

  • All karts must scale at end of the race and meet minimum weight for class. Failure to make weight will
    be reported to scorers immediately and the driver will DQ’d for that heat.  All engines to
    be shut off at the scales.

  • CIK bodywork is required.  If nose piece is lost during a race the driver will be disqualified.

  • Numbers MUST be legible on all 4 sides.

  • Karts must pass tech inspection by the pit steward before entering the racing surface.  It is the
    responsibility of the driver to have the kart teched.

  • Karts will have 90 seconds after signaled to leave the grid to enter the race. No re-starts once the kart
    enters the race surface.

  • Start is controlled by the flagman.

  • Pole setter sets a slow pace for controlled start.  Accelerates only within start area.  Any kart jumping
    will be assessed a time penalty.

  • Any kart roll over must sit out that race and must pass tech inspection, along with the driver, before
    the next race.

  • Use of yellow flags by corners workers are for the Drivers Safety. No passing is permitted in a yellow zone.  Racers are to hold their line and position until the track is clear for that area.  If the track is blocked, a full course yellow will be displayed by flagman and the
    race will be re-started.  Person responsible for bringing out the full yellow flag will go to the rear.

  • When a red flag is displayed, all racers are to stop and shut off their karts as soon as possible.

  • The judgment of the flagman and track personnel will be FINAL!

  • No bicycles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, skate boards, scooters, etc. are allowed in the pits or spectator

  • NO USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed in pits during races.

  • No driving of karts is allowed in pit area.

  • All two-cycle engines are required to be equipped with a CIK approved air box, (kid karts are exempt).
    All karts must comply with 92db at 50 feet per AMP rules.

  • Safety equipment for driver as per WKA rules.  All drivers, without exception, must wear approved
    abrasion resistant safety gear.  Drivers suit or jacket of leather, vinyl or ballistic nylon.  (Nomex type
    driving suits are not approved)  Jacket wearers must also wear full length pants.  Full finger gloves,
    neck brace, socks and protective shoes are mandatory. Approved helmets are: Adult – SA, M or
    K 2005 or later.  Youth – CMS or CMR 2007 or later. Helmet must have AMP tech sticker.

  • Pits are the responsibility of each member and are to be kept clean.

  • Be courteous and safe to all drivers, senior and experienced drivers must exercise caution when
    practicing with junior and rookie drivers, Kid Karts will practice by class and have access to the track
    between sessions.

  • Atlanta Motorsports Park is for membership use. Please care for the facilities… they are your own.
    Be responsible… lockup, pickup, stop misuse and abuse when seen.

  • Members are encouraged to bring prospective new members to the track as their guest, please do
    not abuse this privilege, members will assume all responsibility for their guests actions.

  • Protect your pet, leash law is in effect… cleanup is your responsibility!

  • Discarding of gas, oil, tires, or any hazardous waste at the track will result in disqualification of race.

  • Make it fun for everyone, follow these simple rules. Be respectful of others.

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