Driving at AMP




For those experiencing Atlanta Motorsports Park Main Car Circuit for the first time, Here is a link and videos for your information.


For your first day at AMP, please  Click here...


Randy Pobst, professional race car driver discusses AMP on a turn by turn basis:


Please click on the links below for subsequent corner discussions:

Turn 2 & 3http://youtu.be/578SrMJPt2w   Turn 11http://youtu.be/Rba_IFvxSKc
Turn 4http://youtu.be/NcJy3q-AnZY   Turn 12http://youtu.be/uu24XMruCdw
Turn 5http://youtu.be/xfER0w7dEm0   Turn 13http://youtu.be/p7jamSSsqe4
Turn 6http://youtu.be/qD4ngay6Dic   Turn 14http://youtu.be/_kbtIJQRQ9E
Turn 7/8/9http://youtu.be/Bdz63kbl4F0   Turn 15http://youtu.be/JTo-syXaQ28
Turn 10http://youtu.be/dFEqfW8cYas   Turn 16http://youtu.be/cYNkUMoWfec