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AMP is a motorsports country club, and the focus of this venue is to provide that level of service. A World-Class Purpose Built Circuit for Automotive Related Manufacturers and Film/TV Events.

Atlanta Motorsports Park was specifically designed as a multi-purpose motorsports facility with the ability to readily accommodate automotive manufacturers, tire and parts manufacturers, and the film, print, and advertising/marketing industries. With a flexible year-round calendar and weather-friendly Southeastern climate, AMP is ideal for new product launches and introductions, research and testing, filming, and private or public special events. With two separate tracks and various track configuration options, significant elevation changes, on-site skid pad, optional wet and dry track conditions and a world-class servant culture, AMP is the ultimate location to host any size event, product introduction, or commercial filming opportunity. In addition to AMP being located in the idyllic rolling foothills of the North Georgia mountains, the track is also logistically convenient to a regional airport, helipad, a variety of restaurants, and local lodging and national hotel chains all within driving distance. The roads surronding AMP are voted some of the best in America so your road module start is within 15 minutes of the facility. 


  • Designed by famed Formula 1 Track Architect Hermann Tilke to be a fun, technically challenging, and world class grade driving circuit
  • 2 miles in length with 16 turns and the most aggressive track elevation changes in America
  • Main track can be divided into three sections / modules run simultaneously and configurable to any skill level
  • Ability to simultaneously run 6 modules utilizing the car track, skid pad and auto cross track
  • FIA curbing and Formula 1 style caution lighting system
  • Built to the FIA highest standards of safety


  • Autocross circuit .85 mile long, 26.2 feet wide, 43 feet of elevation changes (most radical elevation changes of any track like this in the world), devisable into 3 modules that can be run simultaneously
  • Configurable to any skill level
  • Formula 1 style caution lighting system
  • CIK curbing
  • Paddock that is 200 by 300 feet for braking exercises




  • Some of the best-rated driving enthusiast roads in America within 15-20 minutes include: Blood Mountain, Suches, Tail of the Dragon, Wolfpen Gap, and Foothills Parkway
  • Georgia Racing Hall of Fame
  • A motorsports based community and government that is welcoming and flexible to both domestic and
    international populated groups


  •  Hundreds of luxurious cabins, commercial lodges, local and national hotel chains surround the facility all within a 30 minute drive in any direction

AMP CULTURE (Marketing By-Product Benefits to Your Venue/Corporation)

  •  Servant leadership including Ritz Carlton level of service
  • The only ground-up green sustainable motorsports park in the world
  • AMP has donated the facility to teen driver programs and law enforcement training and is seen as a highly esteemed partner of the community
  • 10% of profits go to charities


  • Full executive catering options easily delivered on-site to meet any need and level of service
  • Satisfied clients already have included Porsche N.A., Pirelli, Cadillac, General Motors, BMW, Lexus, Ford, Aston Martin, Motor Trend, HGTV, CNN, Discovery Channel



  • Country Club feel and look
  • On-site garages, lifts, and fully staffed performance service center
  •  Spectacular views of surrounding mountain vistas
  • Ability to see a great deal of the track from one panoramic vantage point
  • Lush green grass, freshly laid black racing asphalt, all contrasted with painted racing curbing and and no signage around the track
  • Immaculately maintained facility and driving circuits
  • Stack stone around garages and guard house


  •  AMP facility abuts the private regional airport Elliot Field that includes paved airstrip measuring
    nearly 6000 feet in length
  • AMP is helicopter friendly for both filming and transportation purposes (including helipad landing site)
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport located 1 hour 15 minutes away


  • Garages, lifts, tire changing/balancing machines, mechanics on site
  • Full time on-site Fire Fighters and EMS personnel with fire truck and ambulance
  • Full-time Track Stewards, Corner Marshals, and Safety Personnel
  • Professional driving instructors
  • Security guards
  • Ability to expand or contract services
  • Tents, chairs, tables, etc
  • Bouncy houses, slides, obstacle courses available

For more information, contact our Track Rental team at:  or PHONE 678-381-8527




"When we were looking for a location to conduct the first media test drives of the all-new Cadillac ATS luxury sedan in 2012, we knew needed a challenging track to demonstrate the ATS’s nimble, quick and fun-to-drive performance, as well as a facility with the resources and staff required to execute a major event for a luxury automaker.

Atlanta Motorsports Park and its staff, despite having just opened, exceeded our expectations in every way. The AMP staff worked with us months in advance to ensure a flawless program that stretched over two weeks.

Our media guests were thrilled by their opportunity to experience the ATS on a track designed by famed architect Herman Tilke, and our engineering and program operations team were delighted with the course’s challenging layout, on-site resources and proximity to Atlanta and great roads to drive on the way to AMP. If you’re looking for a luxury driving experience at a world-class track, this is the place." Brian Corbett / Cadillac Communications

"AMP provided an excellent location and warm hospitality to host and film this special Motor Trend driving event", says Michael De Turris, Integrated Sales Director of Motor Trend, "The AMP track is challenging and enjoyable, providing much benefit to our client partnership with Ford. We will be back."

AMP invited the 2009 Rolex Grand-Am GT Champion Leh Keen out for the first laps to be completed at speed
and this is what he had to say after exiting the car, “I can assure you this is a thrilling lap! Why fly to Germany to drive the Nürburgring when you can get a good taste of it due north of downtown Atlanta? The way the track is laid into the elevation of the grounds is the most impressive and demanding part. There is always another thrill coming over each hill and around each corner. Having turned many laps at the Nürburgring I can say it is definitely a shorter version. Being a professional driver I am trained to learn a track in a matter of laps, it will take me much longer at a track as demanding and interesting as AMP! This track that keeps you on your toes and challenges your every move.”

Multiple Grand-Am Champion Scott Pruett was also on hand for several hot laps and shared his view of the track, “AMP is one of the most exciting and challenging tracks I have seen in a long time. Great elevation changes, challenging turns all topped off with great flow. A true drivers track. Better bring your A game to drive this track.”

Located 30 minutes from Alpharetta/Roswell, this world class facility is in Dawsonville, Georgia at the intersection of  Highway 53 and Duck Thurmond Road. Directions - Map | View & Print

Atlanta Motorsports Park is available on a rental basis and typically must be reserved in advance. Rates vary depending on the season and additional costs include (but are not limited to): ambulance, fire safety crew, security, turn workers and Insurance. 

To inquire about availability, rates or additional information, please e-mail the circuit rental department. 

Please include in the e-mail answers to these five questions:

  • The type event or use of the circuit
  • Preferred dates
  • What type and amount of insurance you bring (If not using AMP's)
  • Amount of vehicles on the circuit
  • Noise levels of your vehicles at what distance

 Please send information to: TrackRental@AtlantaMotorsportsPark.Com

This park is configured for multi-use of: Karting, Supermoto, Drifters, Sports Car Club Time Trials and Driving, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, Formula Mazda, Star Mazda, SCCA and Cycling.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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