Circuit Records

 Course Records

We are considering the various car types and motorcycles being driven on the circuit and feel that all members and visitors should have an opportunity to set records and have them recorded.

Accordingly, this may take some time, as we are extremely busy running AMP with many happy individuals on the circuit..

The new track record of  1:15.89 set by Bruce Roch in a  West Race Cars WX10 on Nov. 19, 2013 !

record_car2 record_car_sm1


The previous track record of 1:16.3 set by Eric Vassian, in the West WX10 (standard car,  stock 1 liter engine), shown below:

eric car21record




Here is a video of the previous Car Track record, set by Robby Card


in his West WX10 SportsRacer, setting the previous fastest lap driven at Atlanta Motorsports Park with a time of 1:16.5



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