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Enjoy an affordable family sport in karting. An easy way to enjoy an exhilarating sport in which everyone in the family can participate. Karting starts at 5 years of age & there are those who enjoy karting into their 70’s & beyond. Kart performance is available for all skill levels, starting at 15 MPH & some with hyper performance, 0 to 125 MPH in 6 seconds & pulling 3 “G’s” of cornering force, similar to an F1 car.

Many of the world's top racers began their driving in Karts and return to karting regularly to fine tune and hone their skills.

Karting Course Details:

  • Only kart track built to CIK level A/1 standards in America, that is the Formula 1 standard of kart tracks
  • Only kart track in America with the Formula 1 caution lighting and CCTV system
  • .85 miles
  • Divisible by two or three for two or three events simultaneously 
  • 43 feet of elevation change – the most radical elevation changes of ANY kart track in the WORLD.
  • Kart rental garages
  • Rental racing karts available for all ages
  • Racing school programs   More  information
  • Non-member public use available  Click here...


Members Comments:

AMP Member Garth Tagge:

I have been a High Performance enthusiast all my life. For decades, I have operated cars, boats, motorcycles – pretty much everything besides planes and submarines – at extreme speeds. How is it that it took me 57 years to discover the thrill and exhilaration of Karting?

Better late than never, I suppose. I now split my time fairly evenly between Karting and my other motorsports interests. The blistering acceleration and significant g-forces experienced when navigating the kart track challenge my driving skills. And I like the physical aspect of Karting. It’s one heck of a work out. Bang for the buck, it may be the most thrilling vehicle in the motorsports world. 

 I suppose I always thought Karting was “just for kids”. Man it’s cool to grow young again!!

AMP Member Jeff Price:

I am really enjoying the Karting membership.

I had always heard that driving a high performance Kart, like the DR tag or shifter, was exciting, but the experience was far better than I expected. The speed, lateral g’s and required reaction time coupled with the elevation change and blind turns on the AMP karting circuit well exceeded my expectations. Of course I had to go with the shifter Kart, but the Tag was nearly as quick.

The Karting is a great complement to the Road Course and I am hoping some of the expected reaction time improvements earned in the Kart translate to the Car.  I am accustom to driving a 800 HP Z06 fully prepared by MTI for my track events at AMP, Road Atlanta, Daytona, Barber, Roebling and others so the bar was high for the Karting to measure up on the adrenalin scale. If any fellow members or potential members are on the fence,  I would be glad to share my thoughts!

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