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Beginners to Pros, Kids, Moms and Dads, Weekend Warriors to National Racers

Our kart racing school will polish your driving abilities to their fullest. Classes range from half days to 3 days of coaching, drills, and techniques to prepare you for your first race. These classes are group or private sessions. After which, lapping for Driver Development with more coaching is always available.

Driver Development

We offer courses for all experience levels, from rookie to intermediate to professional racers. The AMP Speed School courses are designed to benefit not only kart racers but will enhance the skill level of drivers from all forms of motorsports. The driver development program consists of small group sessions with ample track time to hone skills.

Corporate Team Building

Corporate programs are structured to provide team building exercises in a low stress, friendly environment. These corporate programs can be tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

This pleasant northern Atlanta mountain area provides the optimal atmosphere for a rare park.

Atlanta Motorsports Park has 3 main kart track layouts with the ability to customize for multiple configurations. AMP has the most dramatic elevation changes of any kart track in the world. Our unique track configurations enhance the learning dynamics of steering, acceleration, braking, and cornering leaving you with an experience like no other.

AMP Speed School Courses

Students begin in Rotax 125cc Junior Sprint Karts and graduate to the popular TAG 125cc classes used worldwide. Classes include a half day introduction course, a full day course, a two day course, and extend to a three day course. Additional lapping track time is available for Speed School graduates. The AMP Speed School fulfills the need for speed for all ages from kids to grandparents. Each course consists of both classroom instruction and on track driving sessions.

Day 1A $270 Half Day Course

This course provides a brief introduction to the thrill of karting. Students cover the basic concepts of race driving in the classroom and are able to apply those concepts with actual track time. Students will learn the basics of steering, acceleration, braking, and cornering. Day 1A includes 3 on track experiences with classroom sessions.

Day 1B $270 Half Day Course (Must be Day 1A graduate)

Day 1B is focuses on perfecting the racing line in order to lower your lap time and master each corner. This starts with a lead follow driving session, followed by a monitored session, and a timed session. There are classroom and track discussions for understanding how these lessons can be applied at AMP and other kart tracks around the country. (3 on track sessions)

Full Day Program $395

Day 1A & 1B Package(purchased together to save $55 from purchasing them separately). Provides 6 on track sessions described above!

Day 2: Drills and race prep Day $445

Graduates of 1A-1B accelerate to racing style drills and techniques for a racing experience. Braking, passing, and qualifying drills prepare the driver for real life kart racing conditions. These drills with gridding, pace laps, and green flag starts, allow for simulated racing at its best. Using class competition gives a real life understanding of race driving strategies used to gain the edge of performance. This course allows for 6 on track sessions along with classroom instruction.

Day 2: Driver improvement Day $445

This program is for graduates of 1A-1B that are looking to improve their driving lines, speed, and braking abilities. Skill focus areas will be advanced braking drills and lead /follow at full speed with an instructor. Students will have four lapping sessions to apply all of the skills taught, and will receive instructor feedback. (6 on track sessions)

Sign up for 2 Day Racer Package $795

Includes Day 1 (1A-1B plus Day 2) receives $100 savings

Sprint Kart Lapping Sessions

Practice newly taught skills. These sessions are used after any of the day classes are finished or in between a day course to refresh or expand on skills along the way. You can refine your skills one on one with an instructor.

  • Sprint Lapping Half Day $245 (4 driving sessions)
  • Sprint Lapping Full Day $365 (6 driving sessions)
  • Package of 5 Lapping Days $1,150 (20 driving sessions)
  • Package of 10 Lapping Days $2,225 (40 driving sessions)


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