AMP Driving Academy


Stage 1

The newly formed AMP Academy now brings to you an exclusive high performance driving academy platform in driver development. The programs are based on proven curriculums that give drivers the opportunity to improve their skills, whether newly licensed or have years of experience behind the wheel.This introduction to technique and theory provides you the baseline to all performance driving and a sound foundation to improving and developing your driving skills.The class enables you as a driver to extract the most from AMP in a fundamentally sound and safe manner.

You are not automatically a gourmet simply because you buy good ingredients.By the same token you are not an expert at high performance driving by simply buying a fast car.High performance driving is not about what you drive, but how you drive it.Our curriculum puts in place the building blocks that enable you to extract the most from your car in a safe and fundamentally sound manner…and most importantly it unlocks the keys to driving our AMP circuit to your maximum potential.The next time you are engaged in a review of the time sheet you will understand the benefits of this class and so will your AMP competitors.

Also, a textbook is only as good as the professor delivering the education, and our instructors are world class.All of our instructors have extensive backgrounds not only in racing, but most importantly the ability to communicate and teach at a level that is unsurpassed.Various terms such as understeer, oversteer, contact patch and weight transfer will be used to teach, making you a better, more proactive driver.This program will introduce you to the techniques required to drive your vehicle properly, at a limit of your comfort, while providing you the building blocks to advance.

Program outline:

Morning Session

  • Theory Classroom
  • Fundamentals Exercises

- Braking/Slalom (eye work and vehicles response)
- Line Technique (intro to proper car placement)
- Track Intro

Afternoon Session

  • Racing Line Classroom
  • Track Exercises

- Sector Training
- Lead Follow Sessions
- Corner Classroom













Above all, a driver needs to practice in a safe and controlled environment. We push students to the limits so the virtues of technique, awareness and finesse become readily apparent. This class brings together world-class curriculum and instruction enabling our students to gain the skills and confidence in their ability, making them comfortable on track and off.

Cost Per Person $650 (Introductory Offer)


For more information or to schedule a class, please email or call 678.381.8527