Rental Garages


First Stage and second stage garages completed and all are rented. Reservations for the third stage garages being taken now.

You can custom build the interior to suit your own taste!


Rental Details

  • Price is only $350.00 per month, $500 deposit, two year lease
  • Four (4) 15 amp outlets
  • Ability to customize in any format with your own AMP approved options.
  • Insulated ceilings
  • Concrete floor
  • Roll-up 8x8 garage door
  • Utilities are included unless garage is heated, cooled or a business is operated in the garage

Prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information please contact:

 CircuitServices@AtlantaMotorsportsPark.Com or TrackServices@AtlantaMotorsportsPark.Com

A highly customized garage @ AMP:


One Member's garage nearing completion

Atlanta Concrete Artist

By Atlanta Concrete Artist


 Views of another terrific garage in stages of completion:



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